Today: Jun 19, 2024

Editors Note: Top-10 fall festivities

1. Hiking- a walk in the woods is a fresh, cool start to the fall season, as long as you don’t run into Southern’s infamous coy¬otes.
2. The Big E/Durham Fair/Berlin Fair -any place that has kettle corn and fried Oreos is a done deal.
3. Pumpkin Picking- God forbid you don’t get the biggest pumpkin of the patch, you will start scolding children for carrying out their orange prizes.
4. Fall Food- nothing beats mom’s apple pie… except Dunkin’s pumpkin flavored items. Why aren’t those available all year?
5. Scaring the crap out of your siblings/in¬nocent bystanders- between the costumes, fake worms and jumping out in corn mazes, what could be better?
6. Haunted Trails/Houses- nothing like paying for people to make you scream.
7. Apple Cider- warm or cold, it satisfies the taste buds.
8. Scary Movies- you can’t top ABC’s 13 Nights of Halloween. Hocus Pocus any¬one?
9. Halloween, Halloween, Halloween-equals free candy, candy, candy!
10. Leaf-pile jumping. Leaves, leaves, leaves. Colorful colors, you get the idea.

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