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Combating the infamous ‘freshmen fifteen’

MACKENZIE HURLBERTSpecial to Southern News
As incoming freshmen, we’ve all heard the horror stories of nightmare roommates and laborious hours of homework. One of the most prevalent worries among freshmen, especially young women in this day and age, is avoiding the “freshmen 15”, a nickname for the weight gain that tends to happen during our first year of college.
Two ways to control the dreaded freshmen 15 are with exercise and proper nutrition. The Fitness Center provides many fun and heart-pumping classes such as Zumba, and the gymnasiums and field houses have open hours for students to take advantage of our sport facilities. Walking to class is also a good way to stay fit, but it is just as important to eat healthy as it is to stay active. Fruits, veggies and protein are necessary staples in our college diet. And it’s not only food that contributes to weight gain, but alcohol also contains unnecessary calories.
“I think a lot of the freshmen 15 is from drinking,” said freshman Maegan Glover. “All of those empty calories.”
With unlimited meals at Connecticut Hall and smothered cheese fries at the Student Center, it’s hard not to take advantage of our new, gluttonous freedom.
Freshman Michaela Haynie said, “They have healthy choices, but they’re limited.”
Yes, the dining hall and Student Center do offer healthy alternatives such as fresh fruit and salad, but the choices are never-changing. It is much easier to choose something from the constantly transitioning array of baked desserts or fried chicken and rice. There is the stir-fry option, but the chicken is breaded and fried, which adds extra empty calories. Talking to other young women around campus has revealed the call for more healthy alternatives other than iceberg lettuce and canned peaches.
Freshman Jessica Morris called for “more variety of fruit.” The dining hall does provide fresh melon, apples and bananas, but it is always the same variety every day. Maybe berries or fresh peaches would be a good addition every once in a while?
Another complaint shared by freshman is the quality of the fruit served. Cyndi Fedorko wants “ripe fruit, not moldy oranges.”
She said, “There are no steamed vegetables or grilled chicken. Just fried food or fried food. Their wraps and salads are pretty good though. I like the fresh market, but that’s my little corner of the dining hall.”
Fighting the freshmen 15 is hard enough with temptations like the ice cream machine (my personal favorite) and Dunkin’ Donuts, so is it too much to ask for more of a variety with healthy foods? Grilled chicken would be a big hit, along with steamed vegetables and different fruit. For now we will cling to the fresh market’s salad bar and avoid eye contact with that enticing array of baked desserts.


  1. This is relevant stuff for incoming freshman to keep in mind! Salutations from the DA. -Fish

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