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Album review: upcoming artist debuts with provocative EP

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ELIEZER SANTIAGO — Special to Southern News

Hot, sweaty, and sultry is what comes to mind when trying to explain Scott Kid. 

After listening to the “Black Box,” it feels as if you just had satisfyingly long sex. 

From soft and slow to hard and fast, Kid brings you into a hazy realm where the line between love and lust becomes blurred.  

Atmospheric synths, hollowed out bass drums, and a menacing piano draw you into this almost dazed feeling that leaves you on the edge of consciousness. 

Kid’s voice seduces as he sings over these other worldly beats and melodies strangely having a singing style similar to 90s R&B like Dru Hill or D’Angelo. 

Right from the opening track, “Girl Needs,” you’re caught up in Kid’s raw, seductive, and commanding singing and crooning, and he holds nothing back singing lines like “There’s no better way to fight than to f***/the best sex is the make up/I wake up early just to tie you up/well I keep thinking about your thighs/your hips wrapped around me with that cherry red lipstick/you’re leaving tracks down my back so you know just where you’re at with the lights on.” 

It’s that blatant, raw emotion that attracts you to him – and singing “Girl your pleasure is my heaven let us pray to God” is sure to drop some panties. 

Although this is sex music, he does get sophisticated and philosophical in the track, “This I Have Never Known.” 

Here he speaks of cheating on his lover and asks the question “How do you fall in love?/How do you risk it all?/How do you reach the top when you are bound to fall?” It’s around this point where Kid’s message is starting to form and come across. 

“Black Box” is a walk-through of the trials and tribulations of a relationship from a man’s point of view: the hunt, the courting, the sex, the temptation, the succumbing to said temptations, and hopefully the rise into a better man. 

In “The Healing,” Kid sings, “I sailed on my crusades/I tried to make you wait/but no/I can be your better man” to appeal to the better side of his betrayed lover while a haunting piano plays as if it were her response to his every word. 

Throughout this serving of sex, we’re introduced to rapper ChromeDome who lends his voice on three tracks. 

Just like Kid he’s also new, but his talent shows otherwise. 

ChromeDome’s rapid “in your face” rapping style juxtaposed to Kid’s slow and smooth singing make them a dangerous duo who work very well together, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they hook up again in the future. 

As a side note, ChromeDome’s sound and style is reminiscent of Andre 3000. 

The track “The Truth” is probably the most different track out of them all. Kid dabbles in some dubstep production which starts off good and ChromeDome pops in to drop some lines, but quickly after the production gets chaotic almost making the song skippable. 

Nonetheless, “Black Box” brings you into another world where lust is mistaken for love, where emotions aren’t as simple as what they seem to be, where a man’s indulgence can lead to his enlightenment. 

All while sounding sexy and dirty at the same time. 


Overall: 3 out of 5 Owls.

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