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Undies 101: A new perspective on panties


Some people believe shoes make the outfit while others put their faith in accessories. Your favorite pair of jeans makes you feel like a million bucks every time you wear them. Yes, all of these things are awesome, but what about underwear? I believe it’s time to start paying more attention to them!


Some people spend at least 30 minutes a day on deciding which outfit to wear (I often switch clothes multiple times before making a final decision), so why not spend a couple of minutes deciding on underwear? Maybe I just go out of my way, but if I have on a blue shirt, I’ll try to match it with my bra and underwear. After all, if you’re matching the rest of your outfit, why not your underwear? Color coordinate, people!

Underwear and the Gym

We all know exercise is a great way to get in shape and relieve stress. However, the gym can be a dangerous place. I strongly recommend avoiding G-strings while on a bike. Thongs are more on the safe side. As for guys, boxer briefs tend to work well. As one of my friends said, he prefers to wear them when he exercises because they keep his “sausage and meatballs” in. Enough said!

Holiday Spirit

Granted, September is only beginning, but Christmas is less than four months away! Considering the fact it is one of my favorite holidays, along with Cinco de Mayo, being festive is a necessity. Decorating a tree while listening to “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” is always fun, but the Christmas spirit does not have to stop there! Why not rock Christmas-themed undies? Target has some really cute options; I personally love my snowmen underwear, which I openly admit to wearing in the summer. Of course, there’s underwear for every holiday out there, from Halloween to Valentine’s Day. So you can celebrate every holiday in style.

Lucky Undies

People have affiliated a variety of objects with luck, from a horseshoe to a rabbit’s foot to a four-leaf clover—so why not underwear? If you find you generally have a good day whenever you wear a particular shirt or underwear, there’s a good chance they’re lucky! I’ve had a couple of pairs I believe were lucky. I would wear them if I needed a little extra luck on my side; whether I had a test that day or I had a feeling the day wasn’t going to be a pleasant one.

Going Commando: Underwear’s Arch Enemy

As awesome as underwear can be, I can’t go without acknowledging the fact some people prefer to go commando. Many people like this option because they find it comfortable. For instance, going commando and sweatpants are both in the “relaxed” category. Sometimes you may be rushing and just don’t bother. Other people leave the underwear at home because some find it sexy. If a girl is out to dinner with her boyfriend and tells him, “I’m not wearing anything under this dress,” there’s a decent chance his heart rate is going to increase.

Feeling Fabulous

A number of things can give you an extra bounce in your step, whether you’re wearing your favorite shirt or having an awesome hair day. The same is true with underwear! I was talking to one of my friends last semester after class about the importance of underwear, and he made a point to show me his because he loved the pair he had on so much; they had dice and said “Let’s roll.” Personally, my favorite is a black on black leopard print bra/underwear. They’re fun, they’re hot, and I feel like absolutely nothing can go wrong when I have them on. So regardless if you’re a guy or a girl, you can easily have fun with your underwear. Even though not everyone will see them, someone might!

Giving Underwear a Chance

Ultimately, there are so many underwear options out there that aren’t simply basic white. Why not have a little fun with your underwear, whether you’re running errands or going downtown. Hey, you can even buy basic white underwear and tie-dye them; my old roommate did! Regardless of your gender or age, break away from bland and try something more fun; who doesn’t like to spice things up?

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