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Hello again!  In this article of Tech Bits, we wanted to talk about the change to Office 2010 distribution for students, faculty and staff.  In the past, we have offered this software through the SCSU Share.  Unfortunately, Microsoft has changed their licensing and activation methods, and these changes make it prohibitive to distribute the Windows version of Office 2010 via the SCSU Share. 

Please note that this change applies to Office 2010 for Windows only.  Office 2011 for the MacOS will still be distributed through the SCSU Share for this semester.

For Students:

On one hand, we could offer you a copy of Office 2010 that needs to “check-in” every 60 days.  This means that you would need to bring your computer to campus when activation is required.  Alternatively, you could use the VPN (, but that involves multiple steps that are different for each operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7).   While this would not only be confusing and burdensome to students who are using this version of Office 2010, it could be devastating if the network connection or activation server were down when a student was working on an important project or paper (which, for many students, always is).

On the other hand, we could provide you a disk at the University’s cost of $7.50.  Why should you have to “check-in” or “reactivate” if we’ve already handed you a copy knowing you are a student?  Simply put, if we give you software then that software should be yours for as long as you are an SCSU student.

Starting Monday, Sept. 5, copies of the Office 2010 installation disk will be available for students to pick up in Office Building 1.  You will only be given one disk of Office 2010, and that copy is good for activation on more than one machine. You will not be eligible for a second disk.  This software can be purchased for $7.50 using your HootLoot card only.  Cash will not be accepted.  Since Office 2010 sells at the store for $150, we felt that selling you a $7.50 was the best solution to this problem.  This $7.50 cost is for the disk only and OIT has covered the cost of shipping and handling.  We currently have 500 copies waiting for distribution. 


For faculty and staff, we also had to change the distribution method for their personally owned computers.  Microsoft has provided a different distribution method for faculty and staff called HUP (the Home Use Program).  This is slightly different than the student distribution in that users can download the installation directly from Microsoft.  In addition, they can purchase installation media if they wish. The instructions, link and required program code for HUP for faculty and staff can be found on the SCSU Share ( 


-Nicholas Valsamis 


OIT Help Desk Manager


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