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NFL power rankings

JEFF NOWAKEditor in Chief

1. New England Patriots: The Pats will be back where they belong this season. Ochocinco will underachieve but Albert Haynesworth is going to revamp the Defensive line.  2010: 14-2; Predicted: 13-3
2. New Orleans Saints: The Saints are a dark-horse team this season, but don’t forget about Who Dat nation. They will be driven to avenge their unceremonious playoff exit last season. 2010: 11-5; Predicted: 13-3
3. Green Bay Packers: They barely made the playoffs last year, but they are the defending champs. The problem for the Packs is they have an extremely tough schedule.  2010: 10-6; Predicted 12-4
4. Philadelphia Eagles: Some are calling this a dream team, but an injury to Michael Vick will turn this into a Vince Young-themed nightmare. 2010: 10-6; Predicted: 12-4
5. Pittsburgh Steelers: Some of the defense is getting up there in age but they are still the most punishing unit in the league. Roethlisberger just knows how to win. 2010: 12-4; Predicted: 12-4
6. Baltimore Ravens: Another team that will be carried by the defense, without infusing more youth, this might be the last successful year for the purple birds. 2010: 12-4; Predicted: 12-4
7. New York Jets: The Jets will have another great season, but Mark Sanchize and Co. have losses on their schedule. Looks like another wild card and more road playoff games. 2010: 11-5; Predicted: 11-5
8. Houston Texans: I’m high on the Texans every year—this is the season I will be right. Gary Kubiak will have the team playing like his job depends on it, and let’s face it, it does. 2010: 10-6; Predicted 11-5
9. Atlanta Falcons: The Falcons needed to address the pass rush—they didn’t. With the Bucs and Saints also in the NFC South, the Falcons will have a drop-off in 2011. 2010: 13-3; Predicted: 11-5
10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: The Bucs and Josh Freeman will have another good year, but they will be right next to Atlanta looking up at the Saints all year. 2010: 10-6; Predicted 11-5
11. Dallas Cowboys: There will be a logjam for the NFC wildcard this season and the NFC East is going to have a hard time cutting through. This means the Cowboys will be out of the loop. 2010: 6-10; Predicted:10-6
12. New York Giants: The Giants will run parallel to Dallas. The defense will play well, but they will likely just miss the playoffs for the third straight year. This result would almost certainly cost Tom Coughlin his job. 2010: 10-6; Predicted: 10-6
13. San Diego Chargers: How many slug-like starts will the Chargers have before Norv Turner loses his job? 2010: 9-7; Predicted 10-6
14. Chicago Bears: Roy Williams is not the answer and the Bears will come back down to Earth this year after overachieving last season. 2010: 11-5; Predicted 9-7
15. Kansas City Chiefs: Matt Cassell had his first playoff experience last season, unfortunately this year won’t be a repeat. That said, they will still be a fast, dangerous team. 2010: 10-6; Predicted 9-7
16. Indianapolis Colts: This will be the end of an era. Manning will miss his first start in 208 games and the Colts will fail to win 10 games for the first time since the 2001 season. 2010: 10-6; Predicted 9-7
17. Detroit Lions: This is going to be the season the Lions finally break through. They will finish outside of the playoffs, but a winning season for the Lions will feel like a Super Bowl victory. 2010: 6-10; Predicted 9-7
18. Minnesota Vikings: Donovan McNabb will be an upgrade at quarterback, but losing Sidney Rice leaves a big hole at wide receiver past Percy Harvin. They will be competitive but just competitive. 2010: 6-10; Predicted: 8-8
19. St. Louis Rams: This is an attractive team. They added receivers for Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson is a beast; unfortunately they are still a year away from being up with the top units in the league. 2010: 7-9; Predicted: 8-8

San Francisco 49ers: 2010 6-10; Predicted: 7-9
Jacksonville Jaguars: 2010: 8-8; Predicted: 7-9
Miami Dolphins: 2010: 7-9; Predicted: 6-10
Seattle Seahawks: 2010: 7-9; Predicted: 6-10
Denver Broncos: 2010: 4-12; Predicted: 6-10
Washington Redskins: 2010: 6-10; Predicted: 4-12

Arizona Cardinals: 2010: 5-11; Predicted: 4-12
Buffalo Bills: 2010: 4-12; Predicted: 4-12
Cleveland Browns: 2010: 5-11; Predicted: 4-12
Carolina Panthers: 2010: 2-14; Predicted: 3-13
Cincinnati Bengals: 2010: 4-12; Predicted: 2-14
Tennessee Titans: 2010: 6-10; Predicted: 2-14

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