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The Love Doctor 8/31/11

 Dear Dr. Strangelove,

I’ve been seeing this guy for about four months. It hasn’t been that long, but I can really see a future with him. This fling is slowly turning into a significant relationship. The only problem is his father hits on me every time I go over his house. Sometimes I think he’s joking around, but I feel so uncomfortable to the point where I make excuses not to go over. I would tell my boyfriend, but I’m scared he’ll think I’m just psycho, and I don’t want his dad to know I pick up on it. That’s just awkward. Should I say something?

-Terrible Target

Dear Terrible Target,

The first thing you have to do is figure out what his father’s intentions are. Who knows? Maybe that’s just his personality. The only thing you can do to change the way you’re being treated is to address the problem. You shouldn’t have to keep a secret like that from your boyfriend. If you ever feel uncomfortable about something, the relationship will never progress the way it should if you don’t take care of it. You have to sit down with your boyfriend and tell him how you feel. If he doesn’t understand, then ask yourself: Is that really someone you can depend on in the future? If you’re afraid of what your boyfriend thinks, that probably means you’re not even entirely comfortable with him. Either wipe out the worries or continue in question. 

-Dr. Strangelove 

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