Today: Jul 23, 2024

Editor’s Note: Hurricane Survival -Top 10 Tips

With Irene being the most annoying female in all of our lives over the last week, the SNews staff has put together a top-10 list for hurricane survival to use next time a cute little storm decides to make its way up our lovely Eastern seaboard. Enjoy!


1.Have a go-to Starbucks or other WiFi hotspot picked out in case of extended outages. 


2.Have a supply of ready-to-eat food. Chips, dip, cookies, soup et cetera. 


3.If you have well water, make sure to fill up as many containers as possible beforehand. 


4.Get books and a way to read them.


5.Charge your electronics and save them for when it gets dark. A car charger works wonders, however, make sure to leave the garage when using one.


6.Do not nap. Save sleep for the nighttime.  Lay off the caffeine so you skip the nightly insomnia. 


7.Find board games and a friend to play them with. 


8.Candles, flashlights, batteries. Buy them before you need them so you can avoid the crazies the day of the storm.


9.Keep reminding yourself there is electricity in the world and it will not be out forever. 


10. Find a generator. If you can do this, disregard tips 1-9.

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