Today: May 22, 2024

A toast to a successful semester and a much needed summer

As we get through these last weeks of school, we can only hope our luck can reflect the fortunate events that occurred in the past couple of weeks. The bad guy’s dead, the princess married her prince, and I just found out there’s a Cold Stone 10 minutes away from my house.
With finals approaching and summer creeping closer, it seems easy to whip out the flip-flops and Frisbees and be tempted ditch the projects and papers. You’ll see kids “poppin” Adderall and funneling gallons of coffee and Red Bull. It seems relevant to say we need all the luck we can get as we attempt to breeze through the final days of academic demands. I am in hopes of continuing this “success trend” the world has started lately.
I’m not a princess, and I don’t expect to defeat the rise of terrorism, but a simple “A” would suffice.
As the temperature outside increases, so do the assignments. The desks become dominated by the clutter of books, empty mugs and post-it notes. It becomes harder and harder not to be persuaded by the sun to lose the lug of labor and lay in the light of leisure; it takes a miracle.
However, depending on the kind of student you are, you may have no problem; others, well, they may need extra luck.
Let’s compare “the partier’s” dorm room to “the studious one’s” dorm room. You can guess which one this is: a pile of bobby pins scattered next to the sink; shot glasses stuck to the wooding of a shelf; bras flung over the bed posts; shoes and glitter sprawled all over the floor; half-eaten packages of ramen noodles; empty Red Bull cans and change purses; a dollar and a student ID tossed somewhere under the rug; roommate passed out on a chair; you get the picture.
Let’s examine the other room: a pile of pens scattered next to the end table; coffee mugs stuck to the wooding of a shelf; Snuggies flung over bed posts; binders and papers sprawled all over the place; half-eaten packages of whatever is fast and easy; (probably still empty wallets); crumpled up papers and ink cartridges on the floor; roommate fallen asleep at the computer. Are we seeing a pattern?
Finals time makes us all crazy. End of story. Whether it is after a long night of studying or clubbing, either way we’re probably passing out at 3 a.m. We are all probably deprived of sleep, forget to eat (or “over-snack” in the middle of the night), and procrastinate to a certain extent.
Although we might be completely consumed with work, we just have to stick it through these last few weeks and hope for the best.
We have to focus, manage our time and not slack off! This is key to making it through the semester.
We may be in complete control, or just about ripped out our hair.
If we can’t manage the craziness, we can at least try to manage the day. Otherwise, we just get lucky. Let’s toast to a successful semester and a much-deserved summer.

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