Today: Jun 16, 2024

Music Review: Jennifer Lopez-Love?

Jon Moreno, Arts & Entertainment Editor:
1. “On The Floor (The Lamada Song)” (feat. Pitbull) – This is the first single from J-Lo’s seventh studio album and you guessed it, it stinks. I mean, the beat is great for the clubs and frankly her production is what has saved her singing career. Pitbull delivers a verse here and it’s okay. Nothing to run home about here. Solid track for what it is trying to do but ultimately falters at truly being the strong single Lopez needs. 2/5.
2. “Good Hit” – “She’s got that good hit,” proclaims Jennifer Lopez as her auto-tuned assisted vocals surround the speakers. I don’t know why but it seems like stuttering is the new way of making catchy hooks. With that said, this song s-s-s-sucks. 1/5.
3. “I’m Into You” (feat. Lil Wayne) – What’s an easy way to get radio play? Just get Lil Wayne to rap at least one sub par verse on your song. Seems like J-Lo decided to follow the trend for this song in which he sounds like he doesn’t belong. Catchy? Yes. Will it get radio spins? Yes. Is it a good song? Hell no. 2/5.
4. “(What Is) Love?” – Maybe it’s the fact that I am not a sap when it comes to corny break-up songs or maybe it’s because I’m just being a hard-ass. Either way, I am left wondering why this song made the final cut on this lackluster album. 2/5.
5. “Run The World” – The-Dream is the man behind the boards in this song that finds me shaking my head and face palming at the thought that Jennifer Lopez left her studio sessions thinking she had a good album in the works. An OK beat and third grade lyrics carry this song that deserves to be thrown into the recycling bin and emptied out ASAP. 2/5.
6. “Papi” – Listen, as a Latino man myself, I can appreciate a nice young lady who calls me “papi.” But whoever the hell she’s calling “papi” in this song is probably wondering why this song is so bad. OK, I’m being harsh because this is a solid club track but nonetheless, J-Lo is slowly losing what made her such a huge entertainer to begin with. She was never a good singer but she made songs work for her small voice. Unfortunately here, this is another forgettable song. 2/5.
7. “Until It Beats No More” – Uh-oh. Do we have a decent song here? I think so! The chorus here is actually tolerable and so is the production. I can appreciate the lyrics here as she croons to her hubby, Marc Anthony. Looks like I know what song I’m buying off of iTunes after this review. 4/5.
8. “One Love” – She follows up the only decent song so far with another decent track. It is slow but steady and once again, her voice isn’t as annoying as it usually is. It gets repetitive quick but before you hit that point, the song isn’t too bad. 3/5.
9. “Invading My Mind” – After seeing that Lady Gaga has credit for co-producing this track, I was definitely curious to give it a listen. This brings me back to the “Poker Face” days in terms of the production. It’s a club anthem and a pretty good one. This is definitely going to be turned into a video soon. I’m feeling the chorus and the upbeat tempo of this song. 3/5.
10. “Villian” – The-Dream produces this cut that sounds promising at first but ends up disappointing. It had potential but once J-Lo started laying down her vocals, I immediately found myself tempted to press fast forward. Actually, that’s what I’m going to do… 1/5.
11. “Starting Over” – Oh snap! OK, maybe she saved the best for second last? Seems like it. This is vintage Lopez here. The melody is sweet and the production is tight. It fits her voice perfectly and this is right next to “Until It Beats No More” for my favorite track on the album. It sounds like Marc Anthony is putting it down right on the Latina pop princess. 4/5.
12. “Hypnotico” – She takes the upbeat approach to close off an overall disappointing album. It contains a few gems but it is ultimately buried with all the other crap on this record. This song is nothing special either. Just like the album. 2/5.
Overall: 2 out of 5 Owls.

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