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Southern Style: Gender-friendly summer and spring essentials

Steve Miller
Opinions Editor
While the weather may have been gloomy the past few weeks there has been a glimmer of spring peeking its head through the clouds. As we make our way further into the spring semester, more students in short-shorts and cut off tees will be flooding the campus in hopes of sun, and the anticipation of summer fun. To better prepare for spring here are some gender-friendly essentials boys and girls can all enjoy. Summer’s in the air people! Can you smell it?
1. Trench Coat
Time to put away your North Faces, boys and girls. Whether full-length or cropped, try neutral colors of cream or navy, either open or belted. While it may not be considered a staple of the spring season by many, a simple light-weight trench coat can add a touch of timeless sophistication to nearly any outfit.

2.The simple white V-neck
No matter who you are, a simple white v-neck t-shirt should be a staple in your wardrobe. For about eight dollars for a pack of three, this inexpensive wardrobe addition can be worn pretty much anywhere with pretty much anything. Dress it up with a simple a-line skirt for the ladies and dressy trousers for guys, or down with a pair of fitted jeans. They’re cheap, versatile and comfortable, what’s not to like?

3. Blazers
News flash ladies and gentlemen, blazers aren’t only worn by uptight professionals nowadays. Guys and girls alike can enjoy a simple neutral colored blazer, making it easy to pair with a mix of patterns, prints and basics. A more fitted type can give the body more shape, and the best thing about blazers is that they can be easily tailored if you’ve found the blazer of your dreams but there’s a little too much fabric for your liking.

4. Cotton Pants
If you’re looking for a simple basic pant but you’re sick of jeans, a dark or light pair of cotton pants can be the extra room to give your legs an extra bit of spring or summer breeze. Dark greens or navy can be paired with lighter striped tops and button ups and khaki and other lighter neutral shades with a variety of t-shirts, dress shirts, or tank tops.
5. Oxfords
Even if you don’t see yourself going to a black and white affair in the near future, a pair of black or brown oxfords can give a simple outfit an artsy androgynous feel. Guys, match them with a pair of pulled-down half calf socks and knee length shirts. Girls, a pair of ripped up short shorts or stockings without socks can give this typically masculine shoe an easy feminine touch.

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