Today: Jun 19, 2024

Make green to go green

Jessica Giannone, General Assignment Reporter:
Green. Does anyone else see the irony in the color? We always thought it symbolized a healthy environment. “Go green, save energy.” But what about the other green – money? With this interpretation of the color, we see that it represents nothing but a doomed environment.
It seems as though in order to go green, we have to make green. But these two different “stances” of the color are very different. They cannot agree with each other. To get one, you have to use the other. The one thing they have in common: the world wants more.
The world wants to be energy efficient (like plants.) Plants have masterminded the art of photosynthesis; an art we as humans are unable to practice. They are able to suck up the sun’s energy and give it right back. All we have to give back is carbon monoxide. Not only are we making things worse, but it’s like we’re paying to pollute. C’mon people, as if the prices of gas aren’t high enough.
We try and try to figure out how to save energy and keep the world pollution free, but our financial resources are smothered to pieces; and this smothering is enhanced as we try to go green.
I always wondered why they made money green. It makes sense now. It symbolizes a need; a need to grow, to be used, and to be desired. Plants and dollar bills both feed into the lives of people in this way.
We all need more money and more energy (growth), we all use money and energy, and we all desire more money and energy. The fact is, we can’t keep producing money like plants produce energy, and if we were to produce more energy, we’d need more money. Of course, we can’t produce more money without resources, which are a result of the production of energy.
What we have to keep in mind what it is we really want.
I should point out this: we shouldn’t get confused with the fact that money is not an end. It is a means to an end; an end which is ultimately green.
It’s funny when we think about all of the other meanings for the color: relaxation, harmony and even envy. Think of (green) gambling tables. Some may say all that goes on there is greed. Sound ironic? What about traffic lights? Green means go; go figure; figure that in order to sustain the world, we have to stop; stop wasting energy and money.
Even those solar panels cost more than what can be gained. Once we find a way to go green without losing it at the same time, maybe we can get the three “e’s” back on track too – economy, energy and environment.
Think of that guy on the dollar bills. We see his face occupying the bulk of that green, desired, delicious, yet invaluable piece of paper. Go figure. He’s the one who chopped down the tree.

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