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Music Review: Wiz Khalifa-Rolling Papers

Jon Moreno, Arts & Entertainment Editor
1. “When I’m Gone” – Smooth keys kick off this album before a slow soft drum starts coming in as Wiz Khalifa starts rapping. Wiz mentions those that say he has no real subject matter and says, “they say all I rap about is b*itches and champagne, you would too if every night you saw the same thing.” Fair point. Wiz is a master at hooks. He’s not the best lyrical rapper but he isn’t trying to be. He’s being him. Dope song. 4/5.
2. “On My Level” (feat. Too $hort) – Let’s be frank, this is roll up music. Most of you should know what I’m talking about. It’s a slow track with a very simple and catchy hook. Your mind isn’t meant to be blown away on this song. Unless of course, you’ve actually been blowing away on a little something. Too $hort has always been overrated to me and I stand by that after his verse here. Next! 2/5.
3. “Black and Yellow” – You’ve heard this song. ‘Nuff said. 3/5.
4. “Roll Up” – Oh, how clever are you, Wiz Khalifa?! Let’s make a song called “Roll Up” because before people hear it, they’re going to think you’re going to rap about marijuana.
But no, you’re going to flip it on us and talk about rolling up whenever your loved one needs you to be there for her. Clever indeed. However, the video for this track blew, no pun intended. However, the song does the trick for a mainstream “hip-pop” song. 3/5.
5. “Hopes And Dreams” – More puff puff music here. Slow pace beats, Wiz’s natural flow and a catchy-ass hook seem to be this guy’s recipe for success. However, it’s very “hit or miss” for me. This one is a foul-tip to the catcher’s mitt. 2/5.
6. “Wake Up” – Wiz shows off his singing pipes a little on this song with little results. The track is good but punchlines like “I’ve seen people fold like papers” need to go. This guy’s rhymes are elementary. But hey, that’s his style and I can’t knock it. I just wished he occasionally switched it up. 3/5.
7. “The Race” – OK, so he isn’t going to switch up his style anytime soon especially on this album. Great hook. Like I said, this guy is a beast on writing hooks. As for his actual verses, it’s clear he doesn’t put in the same effort. 2/5.
8. “Star of the Show” (feat. Chevy Woods) – Despite being produced by E. Dan and Big Jerm, this song has that sound that Alex Da Kid has made popular recently. Heavy drums, loud snares and a simple, repetitive chord progression is the backbone to this song and it honestly feels like a fill-in track. It doesn’t do much for me. 1/5.
9. “No Sleep” – Another song to look over here. For once, the hook here isn’t even good. It’s a cheap attempt to making a pop song. Garbage. 1/5.
10. “Get Your Sh*t” – This song here is my favorite off the album. Everyone can relate to the subject matter and yes, the hook here is catchy as hell. Hearing Wiz’s voice, the listener can tell he put himself back in a situation where he may have been hurt. I personally can feel the emotion in some of his lyrics. Great track. Finally. 4/5.
11. “Top Floor” – I don’t really know what the sample is in the beginning. The beat drops and I immediately want to press fast forward. 1/5.
12. “Fly Solo” – Whoa, Wiz is really jumping the pop train isn’t he? Corny lyrics seem to make this man who he is so why not keep that going? A few people will like this song but if I wanted to hear pop music, I’d play Bruno Mars. This track is what Bruno Mars trying to rap would sound like. 2/5.
13. “Rooftops” (feat. Curren$y) – Alright, this song is dope. It’s very chill like always but still a different sound. Curren$y’s feature really helps this song. Wiz actually raps here too! This is one you play with the rooftop open on a summer night driving 80 miles an hour down I-95. 3/5.
14. “Cameras” – This is a good song to close the album. It has a nice vibe to it. Great chorus too. Only thing is, his flow stays the same throughout the whole album and this is no exception. It’s an OK major label debut for Wiz but I definitely expect a lot more on the next one. He’s mainstream and has the chance to do some great things in music so let’s hope he doesn’t succumb to the pressure of fame. 3/5.
Overall: 2 out of 5 Owls.

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