Today: Jun 16, 2024

More weekend activities please

Olivia Richman, General Assignment Reporter:
Many of my friends have brought this up and I believe that it’s finally time that this problem be formally addressed: SCSU is boring on weekends! Most of my friends and I stay every weekend and find random activities to fill our time, such as drawing, having dance parties and walking to Three Brother’s Diner in Hamden. It’s all fine and everything, but it’d be a lot more fun if everyone who lived on campus stayed on the weekends and maybe even some commuters who never show their face!
The problem is, students have NO REASON to stay on campus. I don’t blame them for leaving. If they live close by, they might as well go home and see their friends and family and use their car that they couldn’t keep on campus. Hell, maybe if I lived closer to home (I live 2 hours away from campus) I’d go home more often as well, which is quite a sad predicament because my hometown has no stores, no traffic lights, nothing. So what does that say about Southern Connecticut’s campus that I’d choose being in my hometown over on campus!? It sure does say a lot. And what it screams is: THERE NEEDS TO BE SOMETHING TO DO OVER THE WEEKENDS AT SCSU!!!
I’ll even throw SCSU a bone and tell them what to do: throw a huge friggin’ dance party. I’m not even kidding. What are those spacious ballrooms usually used for? Nothing. Especially on the weekend. Yet the lights are on 24/7 and they’re obviously paying for that, so might as well put something inside the ballroom and not let the money go to waste!
Let’s make it even easier and hire the same DJ we had for homecoming last semester (hello, amazing hip hop and dance hall playlist!) and get a few fog machines and disco balls and call it a damn dance party. I know I’d go there every weekend. Better than a skeevy club where I am forced to dance with chubby 30-year-olds. Now that it’s an on-campus event, I can dance to awesome music, wear a club dress and dance with hot guys my own age! And for the guys: of course there’s going to be hot girls, SCSU is full of them! Now just make it so you can sign in one guest from off campus and the event is perfect! (God, there are so many exclamations; that’s how exciting this idea is!!!!)
Hey, SCSU, need even more help from a bored, ordinary student on campus every weekend with nothing to do? Well, here you go! Let’s have talent shows, open mics, stand up, dance competitions, magic shows, heck, how about a design your own t-shirt day!? I’d do anything to get out of my room on the weekend! I’d do even more to get out of my room on the weekend and do something fun and meet new people who also stay on the weekends!
Now let me expand on that talent show idea, ‘cause it really seems like a legit idea. Just have a talent show every weekend in the ballroom on Friday night, Saturday night (whenever there isn’t a night club in the ballroom) and make it free. Make it so people can sign up all week and even the night of! Make it so students can just come in and watch their friends and fellow students dance, sing, act, rap, do magic, breathe fire, anything! That’d be awesome to watch. Better than watching King of the Hill in my dorm room all weekend at least!
So SCSU, please read this and start making free, fun events on the weekend that everyone can go to! Especially start a night club in the ballroom. I’m sure that’d be a great way to get students together on campus and get people motivated to stay on the weekends. Come on, just give us poor kids a chance to have fun on the weekend without having to leave Southern.

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