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Karate Club members place at two tournaments this season

Josh Pinheiro sparring against a member of CCSU’s karate club.

Pete Paguaga, Sports Editor:
The Southern karate club took part in a tournament at Western New England College at the end of March. Blake Williams
took home first place in the intermediate forms competition, while Kyle Litscher came away with a second place
finish in the advanced forms competition with Joshua Pinheiro in third behind Litscher.
The A-team consisted of Pinheiro, Litscher, Mahoulyou and Katie Chevalier, who came in second place in the team sparring event.

The karate club also took part in a tournament at Middlesex College in New Jersey at the beginning of the month. The tournament was an intercollegiate tournament for the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation. The Fighting Owls took home
many awards in this tournament. Williams took home first place for intermediate forms; Chevalier came in second place for individual points for a B-team.
A team consisting of Litscher, Pinheiro and Kpandja came in first place for team sparring, and the B-team consisting of Williams, Chevalier and Iregi Francis came in third place in team sparring.
The next tournament for the karate club is going to be on April 30 at home in the Pelz Gymnasium. Time and price of admission is still to be determined.

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