Today: May 29, 2024

Isn’t it ironic, don’t you think

Jessica Giannone, General Assignment Reporter:
Irony: an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been expected ( Or as I might describe it, “getting constantly screwed over.”
We’ve all been there. Some of you might recall the phrase, “it’s like rain on your wedding day.” These are the lyrics of my life, as I’m sure everyone can relate.
It’s only when you’re running late that the traffic light stays red; only when you’ve forgotten your wallet that they ask for your ID; only before a vacation that you get a cold.
The list goes on and on folks, but so does life.
We all hate to recall those days when we’ve stumbled into a garbage pile after being chased down an alley by a Chihuahua, or the days when we ran after our friend in the pouring rain after he or she stormed out of a restaurant in desperation, only to be splashed in the face with a puddle of mud from a car that obnoxiously drove by (wait, this hasn’t happened to everyone?). Anyway, it’s true: our lives are like movies, minus the organization.
I’m currently auditioning for “Night of the Living Train Wreck” and “There’s Something About Irony.”
It seems we can never escape the pattern of events that follow us with tauntingly irrational means of occurrence.
It wouldn’t be a normal day without the break-down of some car, loss of a wallet or missed alarm on the day of an interview.
In my day, you’d be thrilled at the fact you tripped over a cable and broke the lamp off your boss’s desk. Hey, at least it wasn’t his leg!
It feels like just yesterday, as I recall driving up to New Jersey one fine rainy day to go on a mini vacation (I should note it was the one day I had the chance to spend outside the whole summer.) My car had been running successfully the whole year. I was just about to make dinner at my relative’s when my car shut down. Oh, but it wasn’t just a break-down; it was in the middle of the highway ramp.
Long story short, the car was towed to a place in the middle of nowhere. I treaded through the rain for an hour to a car rental place that wouldn’t let me rent, and my aunt, more significantly, my ride, had a last minute emergency which delayed my “crazy town departure” by four hours.
Of course the rest of my attempted vacation, which was swaddled up into a web of mishaps, ended with the glorious statement from my father, “You charged what?”
Is it necessary to ask, “When does the irony end?”
That’s a silly question I suppose. It never ends.
Even last week, I had just finished saying how I wanted to back up all my files on another hard drive, just in case the one I already had broke for some unlikely reason. Sure enough, two days later: bam; broken. A file error? Don’t ask me. It’s at PCW as we speak.
However, I found it funny that I had recently uploaded most of my writing, which was saved on my hard drive, to a blog (I’m not anticipating my hard drive to be fixed). I guess there really is a reason for everything. Who knows, if my car never shut down that time, maybe it would have happened while I was in the middle of the highway (and I don’t even want to imagine what could have happened).
At the end of the day, I guess we really have to say that “life has a funny way of helping us out,” as Alanis Morrissette would put it.
I’ve come to learn that a life filled with rain on your wedding day is better than no wedding day at all.
(I’d like to note that as my boyfriend went to read over the first line of this column out loud to me, as he literally stated the word “irony,” the drink I was pouring collapsed onto my lap. Go figure.)

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