Today: May 29, 2024

Editor’s Note: Gear grinders

Everyday things happen. We know we have just opened your eyes to the world at large, but please rein in your excitement to a reasonable level. In between the world spinning, the sun setting, the sun rising, the sun setting again and all other sorts of mundane events; things happen. Most of the time they bother us in some way or another. So in true ‘Family Guy’ fashion, here is this week’s list.
What really grinds our gears:

1. When the word ‘literally’ is used in place of ‘seriously.’

Example: “I could literally eat a house.” While I hope this statement is not literal, I can’t help but imagine the physical act of eating a house. This is a problem because while I am picturing a human being going at a raised ranch with a knife and fork, I am no longer listening to anything else you have to say.
2. People who go to the ‘Quiet Fireplace Study’ area in the Student Center with the sole purpose of
having a conversation
3. The word moist.
4. When gas costs over $4 per gallon.
5. When graduation is more of a question than a plan.
6. When your favorite professional athlete’s name is ‘that LeBron guy.’
7. Donald Trump/Donald Trump’s hair, Or lack thereof.
8.Facebook post hijacking: When your Facebook post becomes a message board for arguments between other people.
9. Private conversations held in public,
Example: cell-phone breakups at Dunkin’ Donuts.
10.Thirteen-year-old girls who sing about days of the week.
11. Shoobies.
These, ladies and gentlemen, are our top gear grinders.

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