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Music Review: Jessie J – Who You Are:

Jon Moreno, Arts & Entertainment Editor:
1. “Price Tag” (feat. B.o.B) – This is a feel good track here that serves its purpose as a nice and smooth intro for an album that otherwise contains a predominately loud sound. B.o.B delivers a decent verse that certainly won’t “wow” anyone but by no means does that mean it’s awful. The song contains a different and refreshing theme that most pop songs today don’t have and it’s a shame that the charts will probably not give it the recognition it deserves. 4/5.
2. “Nobody’s Perfect” – Wow… this is a powerful track for anyone who’s ever been in a relationship. It would be difficult for anyone not to be able to relate to these lyrics. “I hate that I let you down,” says Jessie J in this somber track. The drums and violins are beautiful and Jessie J delivers some strong vocals that definitely caught me off guard. A must listen. 5/5.
3. “Abracadabra” – With smooth guitar riffs, steady drums and a great piano melody, this song here continues what is turning out to be a great debut album. Jessie J came up in the industry as a songwriter and it’s great to hear her finally be the one laying the vocals to the lyrics she pens. She’s a great lyrical singer. This isn’t bubble gum pop here. Great stuff. 4/5.
4. “Big White Room” (Live) – Most albums today don’t contain a live-performed song in it and that’s mainly because most singers today straight up suck live. Jessie J knew what she was doing by putting this track in the album. It’s a subtle chess move. And boy, does it impress. It’s so refreshing to hear this woman sing. Her range is absolutely amazing and it’s great to see artists carry a song on their own without heavy production and studio effects. 5/5.
5. “Casualty of Love” – This track brought me back to the 90s! On some parts, Jessie J brings out her inner Mariah Carey, which is ridiculously impressive on her part. 4/5.
6. “Rainbow” – I hear the beat and immediately I know this song is bound to be a single. Jessie J raps a bit to kick off the song and it was actually pretty good. This girl’s got flow! Then she switches it up for the hook and reminds you she’s a singer and a pretty damn good one. I love her subject matter. She’s only 23 and wise beyond her years. 3/5.
7. “Who’s Laughing Now” – I’m not quite sure what she was doing on the intro of this song but it sounded good! When the beat drops, I wasn’t sure if I was really going to be into this song the way I am with the others. Halfway through the song and I’m still not sure. That says enough. Next! 2/5.
8. “Do It Like a Dude” – Ciara did a song like this a few years ago with “Like A Boy,” but Jessie J spins it with a lot more attitude. “My B-I-T-C-* is on my d*ck like this!” I laughed out loud when she said that because you start to realize this woman does not give a damn! She kills this. 4/5.
9. “Mamma Knows Best” – I thought I was listening to Adele when this song started but frankly this girl once again has way too much attitude for it to have been her. I’m not crazy about this song but it’s still strong vocally and lyrically. 3/5.
10. “L.O.V.E.” – Jessie J shows her sensitive side here with a song about falling in love and letting her guard down. Dedicate this one to your loved one! 3/5.
11. “Stand Up” – Once again, another track that actually says something. More artists need to take advantage of the position they’re in and make great songs like this. It doesn’t always have to be about the beat or superficial subject matter. A song can be great without that garbage. Her music feels genuine and so does this song. 3/5.
12. “I Need This” – This girl continues showing off her versatility in this song as she sings about needing space in a relationship to find herself as a person. Once again, many will relate to this. Powerful song. 4/5.
13. “Who You Are” – She didn’t necessarily save the best for the last but it’s pretty close. The drums here are steady but heavy and you feel its impact. The beat itself tells the story. Great production by Toby Gad. “It’s OK not to be OK,” Jessie J says to her listeners. There’s an awesome guitar solo at the end so keep an ear out for it. Beautiful close to a beautiful album. Everyone should definitely pick this one up. 4/5.
Overall: 4 out of 5 Owls.

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