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American apathy toward fast food

Despite greater nutritional information, American desire for fast food will not wane.

Simone Virzi, Staff Writer:
Burgers and sodas and extra large fries: these are a few of Americans’ favorite things. This country thrives on convenience and cheap prices, which makes fast food restaurants a perfect-sounding place to grab a quick bite. And they’re everywhere. Take a drive down Dixwell Avenue and your fast food options seem endless, whether you want Chinese, KFC, or Taco Bell. However, these places are far worse than they advertise.
I dare you to check out their nutritional information online. If you go onto McDonald’s website, you can calculate how many calories you are actually ordering.
There is an option where you select the items you purchase; a large Coke, a Big Mac and medium fries, for example, and it will show you the nutritional total (1,230 calories, 179 carbohydrates, 1,320 mg of sodium). Gross! And to think there are people that eat this crap twice a week!
Unfortunately, the idea of fast food is not going to lose its appeal, and people are not going to change their eating habits overnight.
People know what they like. I personally associate myself as a Dunkin’ girl; others only step foot in Starbucks. Either way, these places are addicting. If you’re a Starbucks person and cannot get through a day without a grande Double Chocolatey Chip Frappuccino
Blended Crème with whipped cream, you will not care it has 510 calories, or 78 carbohydrates. Chances are you will be stunned to learn what you are drinking, but as soon as that initial shock wears off you will purchase another cup of fat. The cycle continues.
The nutritional information for junk food is spelled out on the packaging; you do not need to go online to see what you are eating. However, most people choose not to look at the numbers. If you are in the mood for a Twinkie, numbers will not convince you to step away from the heart-clogging dessert.
In other words, once someone has their mind made up that they want something in particular, the probability of them changing their mind because of its nutrition (or lack thereof) is slim to none. This is true with any food, whether it be something from a vending machine or a fast food restaurant.
Think about cigarettes. The Surgeon General’s warning is on every pack, saying “Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and may complicate pregnancy.”However, many people are still purchasing cigarettes. Many smokers get to a point where they purchase a pack of “cancer sticks” without even giving the warning a glance; it disappears.
This is similar to food, in which Americans are encouraged to make healthier options, but choose not to. They decide to turn a blind eye to the warnings, even though they are negatively affecting their body.
I personally find most fast food disgusting. However, if I am absolutely dying to have an order of McDonald’s fries, I will still order them, regardless of the calories they have. Since many people also have a careless attitude, these restaurants of grease are not going to die out any time soon.

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  1. Great article! And it’s not even an excuse that it is CHEAP anymore, unless dollar menu, but you can go to the grocery store for less than 15 bucks a week and make a great meal all week to replace it. People are lazy, but society (AND capitalism as a driven competitive market) enables them.

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