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The Love Doctor 4/13/11

Dear Dr. Strangelove,
I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month, roughly. He takes me out on actual dates, always wants to hang out, and is fun to talk to. Basically, I’m pretty sure that he’s into me. The problem is that the few times that we’ve had sex, he hasn’t finished. We’ll go at it for over an hour and although I’ve enjoyed myself, he won’t orgasm at all! He always initiates sex and says he enjoys spending time with me, but if he’s sexually attracted to me, then why can’t he finish? Could it be that I’m really bad in bed? That he isn’t sexually attracted to me? It’s an awkward subject to bring up and I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I don’t know how to handle it.
– Can’t Get Him Off

Dear Can’t Get Him Off,
It’s not you, it’s him….probably.
And so the shoe is the on the stereotypical other foot. For years men have been terrified of not being able to get their lady friend to orgasm. At last, the truth comes out: some men can’t finish either!
What? How is that possible, you may ask? “Never? Never ever? Forever ever?” Yes! So worry not, he’s not the first or last of his kind. Some guys can only cock the gun and for some reason their firing pin won’t work! What’s causing this? Let’s hypothesize shall we!
Option one: It’s all in his head (the one with his brain). It could be a psychological problem.
When you cum it’s a moment of surrendering total control. You unleash the endorphins and leave yourself open to…feelings. Some people put a lot of pressure on the climax and we all know there are some who don’t perform well under pressure. Even when the only one pressuring
him is himself!
Option two: We have to tickle the notion that perhaps your boy’s inability to finish is you. I might be hard to hear but it is a possbility. But don’t worry some people just aren’t instantly compatible sexually and have to work for it. The key is communication. Let him know he’s doing a great job in the sack and what you could do for him. Try this out to see if this will get his motor running.
Dr. Strangelove

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