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SCSU Artist Profile: Elyse Duffy

Elyse Duffy, graphic design major, wants to create magazine ads.

Olivia Richman, General Assssignment Reporter:
Elyse Duffy is a graphic design major who has a passion for the art of painting and computerized artwork. She began at a really young age and says she remembers coloring her shoes different colors. From there, she decided
that she would do art for the rest of her life and would like to one day design for a magazine.
Q.) What do you consider art?
A.) Anything that someone makes with their hands, or something where the idea is completely theirs.
Q.) So is a recipe art?
A.) Yes, because each person who makes that will come out different to each individual.
Q.) What type of art do you create?
A.) Well, I’m a graphic design major, it’s computerized artwork. I also draw and paint.
Q.) What inspires you to begin a project, whether it be on the computer or pencil and paper?
A.) Just seeing other artwork makes me want to create my own.
Q.) Which artists inspire you?
A.) My favorite painter is Georgia
O’Keefe. She mostly paints flowers and bones of animals. She has good texture and color in her paintings, which I like.
Q.) What was your last art0 project?
A.) I made a sports advertisement
for Nike as a independent project. I used Illustrator and I used some of the athletes they endorsed
and put them all together with the Nike symbol. It was a magazine advertisement.
Q.) What is your dream job?
A.) My dream job is to work for an advertising company and make ads for magazines and design
magazine covers.
Q.) Which magazines would you want to design for?
A.) Anything sports related. Also, any popular magazine so people can see my artwork.
Q.) What about sports inspire you?
A.) I just like the brands, and the way they go about advertising themselves.
Q.) How long have you been doing art?
A.) Since I was really young. I always remember coloring and markers and being in my room creating pictures for hours. I remember being around seven, I colored my shoes all different colors and my parents got really mad at me.
Q.) How do you feel when you finish a project?
A.) It feels really good seeing completed artwork. You’ve worked really hard on it and it makes you feel like you accomplished

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