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Sports Commentary: Manny’s legacy in the gutter with the needles

Pete Paguaga, Sports Editor:
Manny being Manny is what he and much of the media called his antics throughout his baseball career. He helped the Red Sox break the curse in 2004 and then helped them win another World Series in 2007. Along with hitting 555 career homeruns and being the all-time homerun leader in the postseason, but clouded by a 50 game suspension for violating the drug policy in 2009 and just recently failing the same drug test again, Manny Ramirez has retired from baseball instead of facing the 100 game suspension for the second violation. Many are questioning whether or not he will be a Hall of Famer or what his legacy will be.
Ever since entering the MLB in 1993, Ramirez had been one of the most dangerous power hitters in baseball. Paired up with David Ortiz, during his time in Boston, the two were one of the most dangerous three four hitters in baseball history. But many of that is overshadowed by his lack luster body language on field, his big mouth with the media and the amazing play that has seemed to disappear off of the internet, when he cut off Johnny Damon’s throw from the outfield and allowed the runners to move up.
Ramirez has thrown the ball in the stands, not knowing how many outs there were, making a running catch in the outfield and then slapping hands with the fans, going into the Green Monster during a pitching change and forgetting when to come out.
Some people looked at it as Manny being Manny, in a fun lov¬ing way, and some thought Manny being Manny as a negative to the team that he played on.
I believe that Ramirez was one of the greatest hitters I have ever seen in my lifetime watching baseball, but I would never want him anywhere near my team; he is a cancer to whatever team he plays on. Yeah, when the Indians, Red Sox and Dodgers were winning, all were happy and dandy but when the going gets tough, Manny being Manny becomes annoying and overused. When he left Boston, all of sudden he batted over .400 down the stretch with the Dodgers, and many people question whether he quit on the Red Sox.
Now with the two drug violations and Ramirez retiring be¬cause of the second one, there is no way, unless hell freezes over, that he’ll get into the Hall of Fame. Mark McGwire has been on the ballot for a few years now and he hasn’t made a dent in the voting, and that was before he admitted to using steroids; he didn’t fail any drug tests. Ramirez has failed two tests, no way he gets in.
No one will forget Ramirez years down the road, but it won’t be because of the failed drug tests, people will remember him for having fun while playing the game, his crazy hair and that wonderful cut off play with Damon. Speaking of that video, if anyone can find it online please e-mail it to me at Thanks.

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