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Spoof: Clubs and organizations to participate in office room selection raffle

Stephanie Guerra will identify who is eligible for office space in the fall.

Ryan Morgan, News Editor:
Many clubs and organizations on campus occupy offices on the second floor of the Michael J. Adanti Student Center. This spring, the competition will begin as all rooms open up and a room raffle is implemented. Denise Bentley-Drobish, director of Student Life, said the changes have been a long time coming.
“It really isn’t fair to new organizations on campus,” said Bentley-Drobish. “Some people have had the same office for years and are not living up to our expectations as members of the Student Life community.”
To be eligible for a room, organizations will need to meet various requirements. Stephanie Guerra, graduate intern in the Student Life office, will be looking at all organizations throughout the month of April to identify who can participate in the room selection raffle. Organizations that don’t currently have offices, including individual fraternities and sororities, are invited to join the competition.
“ Organizations need a minimum of 15 members,” said Guerra. “Bigger organizations can get more done so we think they deserve the office over a smaller club. Also, each member will need to actively participate in community service for at least an hour a day.”
According to Guerra, students will have a variety of school-sponsored options for community service and will need to pre-register every week. These options include tutoring children at the King-Robinson International Baccalaureate Magnet School, located directly behind the Southern baseball fields. Guerra said students can also choose to pick up trash at local parks.
“We are really trying to encourage student leaders to give back to the local community,” said Bentley-Drobish. “Stefan Keller has been instrumental in setting up the service opportunities around New Haven.”
Keller, president of the service team, is involved in various organizations on campus and said he hopes the threat of not having an office in the fall will motivate students to “get their hands dirty.”
“The office of Campus Recreation is a prime example,” said Keller. “So many students take part in intramurals on campus and, together, they can make a big difference. We’re hoping that the threat of losing that opportunity to play when their office is taken away will inspire athletes to give back. I think this program can only help Southern’s students.”
Many student leaders are not as excited as Keller for the changes. Matt Earl, general manager of SCSU TV, said he doesn’t see the point to the changes and is not looking forward to moving all of the television equipment from the office the station has called home for years.
“It’s just not fair,” said Earl. “Why should a television channel have to participate in community service? Besides, our equipment is so heavy and I really don’t want to carry it to another office if we get moved.”
Rick Raucci, president of the Residence Hall Association, said he is excited to have the chance to move into a bigger office. Currently, RHA and the Greek Life Council have offices half the size of both Programs Council and Student Government. Raucci said RHA already supports various community service initiatives, so the hour commitment won’t be a problem for his fellow members.
One organization has already set their sights on a specific office. Ben McNamee, president of the Student Government Association, said he likes the current SGA office because it has two doors, but acknowledges the delegates need more space.
“We really want to fight for the resource room,” said MaNamee.
While the resource room currently serves as a meeting room and printing room for clubs and organizations, McNamee said SGA needs the space and would commit to double the community service hours to obtain it.
“We’ve gotten into such a routine having an in-door and an out-door in our current office and I hate to give that up,” said McNamee. “The resource room is the perfect solution because it also has two doors. No one would be confused about where to enter and we’d have enough space to hold meetings in our office.”
The room selection raffle will take place at Jess Dow Field on Sunday May 8, directly after the Relay for Life closing ceremonies. Club presidents who are deemed eligible by Guerra will pull numbers to select their room for next year.
“This is a good move for the Southern community,” said Bentley-Drobish. “We’ve decided as an office to utilize the growing number of students interested in making a difference on campus and direct their efforts to the local community. A little competition never hurt anyone so the risk of losing their office space will definitely motivate organizations to take part.”

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