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Bobby Valentine and others to speak at Southern

Former MLB manager Bobby Valentine will be at SCSU April 15.

Pete Paguaga, Sports Editor:
About one year ago, the Recreation and Leisure department at Southern opened up a concentration in the field of Sports Management.
Next week on April 15, the Sports Management and Recreation and Leisure department will be hosting their first ever “First Annual Spring Event of the Sports Management in Recreation and Leisure” at the theater in the Adanti Student Center.
Dr. Joe Panza, who is a professor for Sports Management, will be heading the event.
“Does participation in sports build character or does it reveal character flaws,” is the theme of the event, said Panza.
There will be four panelists ranging from youth development to the professional level.
The panelists will include Julie Greenwood, who is the executive director of Squash Haven, which is an organization that helps kids academically and teaches them teamwork through the game of squash.
Kareem Meeban, who is an ethics professor at Yale University and Albertus Magnus College, will also be a panelist discussing the ethics of sports and its relation to character.
The other two panelists are Bob Picozzi, who works for ESPN, specifically ESPN Radio and former
Major League Baseball player, manger and Connecticut native Bobby Valentine, who is also the keynote speaker.
Picozzi will also serve as the event moderator.
The “First Spring Annual event of the Sports Management in Recreation and Leisure,” has a couple of different focuses.
“The emphasis on youth development, that is what Julie brings, do youth development programs help us build character and kids,” said Panza, “does the media, which is Picozzi’s angle, does the media help or hurt this problem.”
Panza also said that does the media give athletes to much attention when they do stupid things, and if they are part of the problem or is the media the solution to it.
“And Bobby Valentine will speak to the character issues at the big league level,” said Panza.
The Sports Management advisory members will also be in attendance, said Panza.
Ian Pettigrew, who is a New Haven transitional student intern, is the reason Valentine will be coming
to the event, said Panza. Pettigrew, whose father is Dr. David Pettigrew, a professor at Southern, spent time over in Japan while Valentine was managing the Chiba Lotte Mariners and sparked a friendship with Valentine.
Pettigrew’s brother worked on the project “The Zen of Bobby V” which was an ESPN films project.
Panza also said that the Sports Management program is growing increasingly fast with already 89 students registered, and he hopes that having this event will help the program grow.
During the event, Valentine will speak at the beginning for about 20-30 minutes, then each panelist will discuss his or her opinion on the matter of whether or not participation in sports builds or hurts character.
Towards the end of the event, the people in the audience will have the ability to ask the panelists questions about the theme of the event.
The event is being held in the theater at the Student Center, it starts at 10:30 a.m. and is open to the public and free of charge.

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