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SCSU Artist Profile

Rebeca Muñiz is a junior public health major who not only has a love for singing but also in helping those in need. She has traveled to Haiti to aid those affected by the disaster and plans on going back later this year. She was says she was born singing and ever since age four, she knew this is was what she wanted to do.

Q.) How did you end up choosing to attend SCSU? What do you intend on doing with your public health degree upon graduating?

A.) I knew I wanted to go away to school but didn’t want to be too far from home. I went from being undecided to a public health major this past summer. With concentrating on nutrition, it will help me with my future goal of going to other countries and working there with organizations.

Q.) When did the interest in music spark and how exactly did it all start for you?

A.) I’ve been singing since I basically popped out of the womb my parents tell me. When I was about four years old I said I wanted to be an opera singer when I saw a woman singing opera on TV. I would try to imitate her. My first performance was also at the age of four when I sang for a Christmas show at my church. I got dressed up as an angel and sang a song in front of the entire congregation. I also get my love of music from my father. He loves music and we would have “Saturday night disco” every Saturday when we would listen to 70’s disco music and dance around the house. He loved music and his influence made me love music as well. He is my biggest fan.
Q.) When was the first exact moment that you realized this is something you truly love doing and want to do?

A.) I guess the moment that I realized that singing was my ultimate passion was in fourth grade. My parents tried getting me to play the flute and I absolutely hated it. Once a few months of failed lessons passed, I finally said that I don’t need an instrument to make music, my voice is my instrument. I have been performing in concerts and shows since then.

Q.) Tell us about your most memorable moment being a singer. When was it and what made it so special?

A.) My most memorable moment of being a singer had to have been when I first set foot on stage at Central high school. It feels like yesterday. It was my sophomore year of high school and it was my first huge performance I was going to be in. It’s not a fear that overcomes my body, it’s more or a rush of adrenaline that takes over. It was nerves and excitement all at the same and once those curtains opened and I danced my way on stage to “There’s no business like show business,” I knew I would remember that moment for life. That moment and song is the epitome of what drives my passion of music and performing to this day.

Q.) What else do you do that most people may not know about you? What’s beyond the surface so to speak?

A.) I consider myself somewhat of a humanitarian. I have recently gone to Haiti and volunteered with a medical group from Puerto Rico to help with the earthquake relief and had the most life changing experience. It has driven my passion for my future goals of working with undeveloped countries and helping educate those about health. It is pending but I am planning another trip back to Haiti this summer for two months and continue helping in any way I can. Haiti still needs help and can use anything that we can possibly send them, whether money, clothes, toiletries or food. Any little bit helps.

Q.) If you weren’t singing, where do you think your life would be at this point in time and why?

A.) I don’t know to answer that question because I can’t imagine what I would be if I didn’t sing. I guess I would be the same person I am today but envies people who can (laughs).

Q.) Who are your biggest influences in life and what affect have they had on you?

I am influenced by my peers who I have met throughout my musical journey. Basically the ones who have the same passion I have and drive to become something in this tough business of entertainment. I have met some amazing people who have taught me so much about how to better myself vocally and opened my eyes to different genres of music that I was unaware of. Seeing their passion and love for music gives me a rush. I get a tear in my eye when I hear a harmony that gets a room on its feet, or a voice that can silence an entire auditorium, or a dancer that will have you reminiscing about their performance for hours, even days after. Basically what I’m saying is anyone who has a lick of talent whether its singing, dancing, rapping or playing an instrument is an influence to me.

Q.) Tell us about the feeling that you get when you begin to sing. Whether in front of a crowd or alone, what do you feel?

A.) When I start to sing, it feels natural. It’s not anything I’m trying to do, or struggling to be good at. It’s a God given talent I have and when I feel like singing in my car, shower, or event, I feel like it’s an everyday task to be honest. I get a natural high when singing for say a wedding. I know that music is a big part of celebrations and knowing that I was hired to make that day just that much more special makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something.

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