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Music Review: Chris Brown – F.A.M.E.

Jon Moreno, Arts and Entertainment Editor:

1. “Deuces” (feat. Tyga and Kevin McCall) – When this song was released, the impact it made was definitely not expected from the music industry. This song was merely a mixtape track but for some reason it caught fire and even got Chris Brown a Grammy nomination. At this point, most people are sick of this song so for Brown to lead the album off with it was a bad move. However, the song is good and served its purpose to help push this album. 4/5.

2. “Up To You” – One thing I am not crazy about on this album are the horrible song-to-song transitions. Why would an album start off with two soft tracks when the bulk of this disc consists of hard club bangers? He should have used them to separate all the slow songs away from each other. Either way, this track here is on the R&B side and despite Brown’s lack of range, the song is solid. 2/5.

3. “No BS” (feat. Kevin McCall) – OK, Brown continues with the soft songs here. This track is one of the album’s singles. It’s sexy and strictly for the ladies. I don’t expect the guys to really play this song too much unless it’s a romantic night with a special lady. However, this one is going to be played nonstop on the radio. 3/5.

4. “Look At Me Now” (feat. Busta Rhymes and Lil’ Wayne) – Busta Rhymes steals the show on this track with a mind-blowing flow and delivery that reminds people why he is still in this music industry almost 20 years later. Surprisingly, Lil’ Wayne delivers here too. He takes the slower flow approach but his rhymes here are still clever and worth a listen. Oh yeah, Chris Brown is in this song too. I mean, it is his album… 3/5.

5. “She Ain’t You” – Brown has the guts to sample the late Michael Jackson with the production on this song. To my surprise, it’s one of the best cuts on the album. He keeps it fresh but still pays respect to the man who paved the way for him. Great track. 5/5.

6. “Say It With Me” – The drums here will have you bopping your head before you even realize it. The chorus is hypnotizing. Songs like these can’t help but make me think what Brown could’ve been if it weren’t for the famous incident that occurred two years ago. 3/5.

7. “Yeah 3x” – This was the first single off the album released last year. It was an attempt to hit the mainstream radio and it did a decent job at that in the U.S. It actually hit number one in the New Zealand charts. It’s a feel-good song that was accompanied by an awesome video. No, the song isn’t necessarily groundbreaking but who says it needs to be? Play this song out loud on your drive to work and enjoy it. 3/5.

8. “Next To You” (feat. Justin Bieber) – They previously worked together on Bieber’s remix album released a couple of months ago. It’s a matter of time before we see a video to this. Teenage girls are going to go ape for this of course and the fact the song is actually pretty good at least makes it easier to deal with. Oddly enough, Bieber is actually gaining my respect as an artist and as he gets older and his music matures. I think people are going to start realizing this kid isn’t just a teenage craze. He’s the real deal. No one really outshines anyone on this track. It’s a well-balanced duet. 4/5.

9. “All Back” – Boy, this album really feels soft in the first listen throughout. He croons to a woman he is asking to have back. Brown admits to screwing up and not appreciating what he had while he had it. Been there, done that. 2/5.

10. “Wet The Bed” (feat. Ludacris) – Creative title. Eh, actually not really. We have another softy from Brown here. I admit the song is a guilty pleasure but it’s such a cheesy way to pick up a woman. “I’m going to make you wet the bed,” sings Brown. Really? Ludacris delivers the same flow he does on every single song. His verse is solid but he never switches up his style. After over 10 years, it’s time he tries something new. 2/5.

11. “Oh My Love” – Brown switches up the pace here with a fast delivery and upbeat production but fails to make an impression here. There are certain parts of the song that are difficult to not enjoy but otherwise, Brown is becoming rather predictable. This song is nothing special. 2/5.

12. “Should’ve Kissed You” – A rejected Brown sings here about being lonely and missed opportunities in past relationships. This song is for high school girls, to be frank. I guess he has to appeal to everyone, right? This isn’t my cup of tea but hey, it may be yours. 1/5.

13. “Beautiful People” – Another single you can purchase on iTunes, Brown tries to play with a different sound here. It has techno vibe as it builds up but the drums could’ve been a bit harder to really captivate the ear. The song is OK but I don’t understand why this was chosen as one of the singles. I don’t see it doing too well. 2/5.

Overall: 2 out of 5 Owls.

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