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From energy drinks to healthy sync

Chardonee Wright, Staff Writer:
From the time my feet hits the cold wooden floor in my room, until I lay back down at night, I am on the go.
Between being a full time student and part-time worker, tiredness seems to creep up on me even when I get the recommended eight hours of sleep.
I find myself yawning in some classes, or trying very hard to keep my eyes open in another.  I consider myself to be the typical college student.
I have a course load of work to handle at school and another load of responsibilities at my job where I work the evening shift.  Oh yea, add in my social life, and you have a typical day of Chardonee’ Wright.
Reality is, sometimes I need a little energy boost.
One night not too long ago, I was tired.  Very tired after class.  I had a long day at school and still needed to be to work that night from 6-11 pm.  How was I going to do this?
My cousin recommended to take a 5 hour energy drink.  At first I was skeptical.  Would  I crash?  Would it make me even more tired?
All these questions popped into my head as I made the decision to go to Walgreens and buy one anyway.
After taking it before my evening shift, I suddenly felt some energy.  Not too much, but not too little.  I was okay after I had taken it.  I completed my shift without crashing or feeling even more tired.
So what did I do after I found out a product has kept it’s promise?  I bought a couple more bottles of 5 hour energy.
Soon, I had a little stash in my car, and would sporadically sip here and there whenever I needed that extra “boost.”  After about a week of relying on these energy drinks, I had to stop myself.  Was I becoming addicted?
Did I really rely on some type of concoction in a little red bottle to give me an energy boost whenever I felt tiredness creeping up on me?  My God, I didn’t even really look up the side effects or additional research on this drink, and somehow, I’ve made it a relevant part of my life.
So what did I do?  I used my best friend “google.”  I started to research exactly what the energy drink contained, what was it doing to my body, and whether it was safe.
According to, a website that explains facts about the drink, states that the drink has zero calories and no sugar.
On the back of the bottle, the instructions tells you to drink a half bottle for moderate energy and a whole bottle for maximum energy.
Five hour energy comes in many flavors including berry, lemon, grape, and orange.  A mix of B-vitamins, amino acids, and caffeine that is equivalent to a cup of coffee are it’s ingredients.  The website advertises that you will not crash and that it is quick, simple, and effective to use.
Honestly, I would have to agree.  I never crashed from taking it, and I actually felt a burst of energy after taking the drink.  The problem with me was that I started to RELY on the drink to give me energy, rather than point out the actual problem – ME.
A balanced diet, some exercise, and better sleep implemented in my life would have been the better choice.
I am happy to admit that I have taken the necessary steps to start a healthier life.  I know what you are thinking.    It is definitely easier said than done.  Of course I would love to indulge in a big slice of pepperoni pizza with a tall glass of lemonade.
But that was my problem, greasy foods made me tired and gave me less energy.  That was the actual problem.
It was a domino effect.
Greasy and unhealthy foods plus no exercise equals me being tired all day.
Instead, I started to replace the greasy foods with fruits.  I actually started to take time out and go to the grocery store, buy healthier foods, zip lock bags, and pack snacks with me for the day.
In addition, I’ve gotten a gym membership and have been sticking to a routine that allows me to work out in my free time instead of running to the buffet with my buddies after class.  I have seen a difference.  No longer do I rely on the energy drinks.
Moral of the story, people may put their health needs behind them.  Yet, it is very important to not find yourself falling into a reliance on energy drinks because they are convenient.  Everyone is different, so find out what works for you.  After all, you want to live long right?!

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