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Dear Thursday night girls

Jasmine Wilbourne, Staff Writer:
The things Thursday night club girls wear could put a prostitute out of business. They stick on spandex bodysuit “dresses” that cup the meager millimeters beneath their booties. And strut around on dangerously spiky heels.  I have seen it all from pale cleavages to the ripple of cellulite. Forget sneak peak previews, these girls show every dimple and bulge for free.  What I once called dancing I now call sexual arousal. Since when did “dancing” become a recreation of doggy style? For women, club culture goes beyond fun; it is a form of validation of value and beauty.
If you feel beautiful when you are wearing a yard of stretchy leopard print…there’s something wrong.  Any good hypocrite readily criticizes others for things they themselves have done. Not me. My freshman year I sampled the club culture. I felt sexually empowered and powerful as guys watched me shimmy and gyrate in my little dress. Honestly, I think I went because at the club I was sexy, desirable and noticed; something I am not during the day.
I stopped going because as a woman my worth is so often prematurely determined by the curve of my butt, torso and chest. I realized that my value had to come from something other than the way the meat of my body draped over my bones. I mean if my physical beauty is short lived then I might as well pull tight fibers over my limbs and entice the nearest guy. Fortunately, I have not resorted to superficial indicators for determining my beauty and value. I have found them in God.
Burn your 12 dollar Wet Seal dresses, ladies; God says true beauty is virtuous. It’s easy to believe that true beauty is recognizable by what it’s wrapped up in. But it’s not. Some of the most beautiful people are inwardly very ugly. True beauty according to God is virtuous meaning it is: humble, chaste, patient, tempered, kind and diligent. Anyone through the help of God can obtain these virtues and thus be beautiful. But worldly beauty: straight hair, clear skin and an infectious personality is distributed to those random few and harder to obtain. Is beauty only a temporary external attribute identifiable by others? Or is it something that is a hidden overabundant stream that positively affects those around it?
I’m not condemning club goers. Although I do resent those students who will be our future doctors, teachers and government leaders. Under the influence of alcohol you can barely remember what you did last night, how will you remember how to cut me open? Regardless I am calling you, ladies, to consider what you wear and why you wear it. Unfortunately, your outward beauty will wrinkle, stretch and die. If you build your confidence and self-esteem according to the pattern of your bones you will forever resort to Botox to restore your beauty. If you rely on the intrinsic beauty provided by God who if I might add is a spirit (aka formless) you will radiate with light and goodness. Cloak yourself in humility, chastity and diligence. Not the perversions of sex, liquor and insecurity.


  1. This article is very funny, true and frank. It’s interesting how you melded religiousity and the modern worldview together. Keep up the good work!

  2. This was a very well written article! I agree with the point you’re making and feel the need to share this with a few of my friends. Since I’ve been at Southern, I have yet to attend the club. I feel as if the atmosphere would be too much for me and the way people portray themselves is far from attractive. However, I would someday like to go out just to see for myself what it’s like and get “the real feel”. Besides, I can’t completely judge something I know nothing about. Once again this was a great article! Keep up the good work.


  3. Dear Valued Reader,

    Thank you so much for your reply! Personally, I believe going to the club would not be what it is now if people did the following: 1) Dressed classily 2) Danced in a manner that was appropriate 3) Limited their drinking. The club is NOT nessecarily a bad atmosphere…it is made INTO a bad atmosphere when those who go desire to pervert it sexually etc. I would love to go to a club that played modest slow jams and popular songs ( without too much swearing and sexual suggestions) and that had areas for lounging that was so loud. The club could be a legitmate place to find a lover!
    Thanks for your support!

    p.s I know where you live 🙂

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