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Sports Commentary: Sox have pieces in place to take division

Pete Paguaga, Sports Editor:

With the MLB season starting soon, and everybody on campus is basically a Yankees or Red Sox fan, except for those select few Mets fans (sorry to be you) and all of you who pick a team because they have pretty colors, I thought a season preview and prediction of the AL East would be appropriate. 

Last season the Rays won the tough AL East, the Yankees won the wild card and the Red Sox finished in third with 89 wins. This season doesn’t seem like the Rays have a shot at repeating as the division winner, so it comes down to the Yankees and the Red Sox. But its not all about those two teams so lets start off with the bottom of the division.

Last season the Orioles finished in last place, they seem to have gotten very comfortable down there ever since the Rays started winning (Charlie Sheen voice). They are young and have some bright spots, like on their rosters and they made some good moves during the offseason, but they will be sitting on the bottom of the division for this season and probably a few more.

This one is a shocker I guarantee it; the team that will finish in fourth place this season will be the Rays. I know most of you are now saying “whoa whoa whoa, Miss Lippy” the Rays finished in the top three since 2008, yea but there is no way they are better then the Blue Jays, when they let Crawford, Pena and Soriano go and then trade away Garza. Sorry Tampa have fun back in the bottom of the division, I heard they haven’t changed your seat, so it will still be warm from when you guys left in 2008.

Before last season when the Blue Jays traded away Roy Halladay for a handful of prospects, all of the Yankees and Red Sox fans were like “phew thank god he’s gone.” But little did we know how good the Blue Jays were, 85 wins later and they’re still getting better, but snot good enough to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox, yet.

Now here comes the hard part, this really hurts me to say, but the Yankees will finish in second place and the Red Sox will win the division. The Red Sox are just better everything about them is better, except for the Yankees facial hair policy.

If you go position by position the only edge the Yankees have is Cano over Pedroia, easy all you five foot something Red Sox fans, he is good but look at the numbers, and as a Yankees fan it is very hard to argue in favor of the Yankees this season. But the best part about sports is that the best team at the beginning of the season means nothing. You play 162 games for a reason, anything can happen.

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