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Sports Commentary: Everyone is waiting for Miami to fall

Pat Longobardi, Sports Writer:

Since the second half of the NBA season, the Miami Heat have not been the same team.

Within the past two weeks, Miami has lost five games in a row against important playoffs teams.

The losses included Amare Stoudemire blocking LeBron James in the final seconds as the New York Knicks won in Miami. Orlando overcame a 24-point deficit in the second half to win in Miami. San Antonio defeated Miami at home in a 30-point blow-out.

Miami snapped that streak with a win at home against the Los Angeles Lakers, and clinching a playoff berth in the process.

As much as fans want the “Big Three” to be the whole team and take game-winning shots, it is not working right now. Miami needs to regroup.

Miami is in the home stretch with a six game home stand that is surely crucial to the team’s direction. With more than a month left in the season, Miami needs to focus on where they are as a team, and ways to beat the opposition comfortably before the playoffs.

Their bench is a very underestimated bunch. Miami just recently signed veteran Mike Bibby. Here is a perfect example of a veteran who had a lot of playoff experience with Sacramento and Atlanta. Eddie House is a three-point shooting threat that has played on Boston and won a championship. Mike Miller is a good shooter and he was considered a key player for the Memphis Grizzlies.

Miami does not spread the ball around at the end of the game. They need better defense and guys like Bosh to also take over with his size. Wade needs to take over and prove why this is his team.

The number one seed has left Miami’s grasp in the Eastern Conference, putting Boston comfortably in the lead. Miami is now competing with Chicago for the number two seed. Either team might play the Knicks, a team that can’t be looked over with Carmelo Anthony teaming up with Stoudemire.

I can bet that not many people are feeling sorry for them. Ever since James signed with Miami, after months of constant attention, to play with his friends on a championship-caliber team, Miami has been a target.

Miami has had the target on their back all season and it seems like they have never concentrated on basketball. There was even a report some members of the team were crying after the loss to Chicago.

Teams who make key signings will be targeted with a lot of attention.

Now that the season is winding down, every play, comment or action is crucial for Miami. The “Big Three” will start their new season soon. Once they playoffs start, having a complete, unified team will help Miami win that coveted N.B.A. title.

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