Today: Jul 16, 2024

Letter to the editor

I occasionally pick up “The Southern News,” and I did
so today. I regret making that choice. I found Samantha Arbuckle’s
“You gonna eat that: Food musing and restaurant cruising”
offensive. The third paragraph in particular is extremely
offensive. Being overweight does not automatically mean
someone is making poor lifestyle choices. Genetics and medical
conditions also play a part in someone’s weight. You also
offend your readers by not providing any proof that all of the
overweight people in America got that way by eating fast food
as you imply. Secondly, and more importantly, being overweight
does not automatically lead to health issues.
There are no studies that link being overweight to poor
health. Please show me one that does. Thirdly, our country is
on a health crusade against overweight people with very little
proof to substantiate its claims. The medical industry makes
millions of dollars by encouraging people to lose weight. So
do diet companies, exercise equipment companies and gyms..
Lastly, not everyone has the time to work on their weight. There
are Americans who work twelve hour days to survive and do
not have the time to go on a diet. They may be too exhausted
from physical labor to have time to work out. It is commonly
known, as you claim, that fast food and junk food is cheaper
than healthier food– did you consider that some people are too
poor to make enough money to choose healthy food? Your
argument is classist and sizist. To be honest, your article was
an example of poor journalism. You just reinforced common
biases against overweight people.
– Lisa Litrenta, SCSU Undergraduate

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