Today: May 22, 2024

Sports Commentary: DeSean Jackson makes fan’s dream come true

Pete Paguaga, Sports Editor-

The perception of most professional athletes is that they are greedy, and only play for the check they will receive. You think that they are selfish and only care about themselves, that they don’t care what team they play for, only for the money, and they sure as heck don’t care about their fans, am I right?

Take DeSean Jackson, cocky football player, who celebrates every touchdown like it is his first ever. You would think that this is the athlete I described a few sentences ago. Only a few short weeks ago I would have agreed with you, but after reading a story about something Jackson did recently, it completely changed my view on him and other professional athletes.

I don’t know if any of you saw the story about a 13-year-old boy named Nadin Khoury. Khoury was the victim of bullying at the hands of a group of teenagers in Pennsylvania. A video was captured as these bullies dragged Khoury through the snow and hung him to a fence by his jacket. Courtesy of the bullies putting the video on the Internet, this video went viral all over and caught the eye of the show “The View.”

“The View” brought Khoury, his mother and his father on the show. After talking about the video, Khoury said that the reason he spoke up was to help future kids who are being bullied. Elisabeth Hasselbeck then spoke about how Khoury is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan, and that there were some other people who wanted to tell Khoury how brave they thought he was.

Then, from the side of the set, came DeSean Jackson and offensive linemen Todd Herrman and Jamaal Jackson. Right away the young Khoury started to tear up as DeSean walked right up to him and gave him a huge hug, followed by Herrman and Jamaal. Khoury’s mother and Whoopi Goldberg also broke down in tears, as they watched this in front of their eyes. Goldberg then talked about how the three of them changed their plans to come and be with Khoury. Jackson, who had originally sat next to Barbara Walters, got up and moved Walters over so he could sit next to Khoury. Khoury, who was still crying at the time, had his favorite professional athlete sitting next to him telling him how proud he was of him.

Jackson then got up and took his own jersey off his back, autographed it for Khoury and gave it to him. He then told Khoury that anytime he needed them, DeSean has got two linemen to protect him.

Say what you want about DeSean; he’s cocky, he doesn’t respect the game of football. But what DeSean did was amazing. Kudos to you DeSean, my perception of you is a lot different now.

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