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Movies and music from past and present: Recapping a night at the Academy Awards

Rosalie Coriolan, Special To Southern News-

After being nominated for 12 Academy Awards, The King’s Speech tied with Inception Sunday night, for bringing home four awards at the Oscars. 

The Oscars were underway with Red Carpet interviews, but they didn’t all turn out so great with awkward interviews form Michelle Williams and Melissa Leo. It seemed as though Ryan Seacrest was at a loss for words, when he realized that these actors lacked a personality to speak with. There were three favorite dresses, which belonged to Jennifer Hudson, Mila Kunis and Halle Berry.

Even though the red carpet appeared to be a disaster, The King’s Speech was a highly anticipated win for the Oscars, subsequently being one of the last awards shows of the season. The successful movie brought home awards for Writing (Original Screenplay), Directing, Actor Leading Role by Colin Firth and Best Picture. The last two wins of the night had been expected because of the tremendous and heartfelt acting in the movie. 

Tied with The King’s Speech was Inception which won for Visual Effects, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Cinematography. Seems as though Inception was a movie for the creative visual workers who put endless amounts of thought into how they wanted their final project to look and sound to their audience. The visual effects were the best that we’ve seen in many years. The sound mixing and sound editing made the picture so in sync with it, that a viewer would never know the process of either because of the flawlessness. 

The King’s Speech and Inception took home the most awards, The Social Network followed close with three wins which included: Writing (Adapted Screenplay) from the book Accidental Billionaires by Ken Mezrich, Music(Original Score), and Film Editing. The three wins, basically cover the entire movie. The screenplay used dialogue that everyday college students would use at an Ivy League school. The music was very subtle and let the viewer hear how the main character was feeling. Last, the editing didn’t show unreasonable things happening in a college and really displayed simple in a movie. 

The Fighter, earned two wins for Actress in Supporting Role by Melissa Leo, who said a shocking word and Actor in Supporting Role by Christian Bale, whose Twitter and Facebook fans were confused about him being an English Actor. Toy Story 3 and Alice In Wonderland also earned two awards. 

Following her sweep of awards this season for the role of Nina in Black Swan, Natalie Portman took home an Academy Award. This movie displayed her exquisite commitment to a role that someone else envisioned. 

Closing out the show were Hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco who spent the night showcasing their comedic sides, some people didn’t think they had. 

In their company for the closing of the show were young students from Staten Island’s PS 122 who sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. 

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