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Owls helping out in the community

Pete Paguaga, Sports Editor-

Being a Division I, II or even III athlete comes with constant practice, games and study hall. 

Most division athletes don’t have time for themselves, but some of the student athletes at Southern use their time to help out at reading and tutoring programs at various elementary schools around the New Haven area.

Michael Kobylanski, the associate director of athletics, sends out an e-mail to all the athletes at Southern, informing them of the next time Southern will send a shuttle to a school with a specific time. 

Not every athlete is required to participate in the tutoring and reading programs, but some do it because they enjoy helping out or want to prepare themselves for a future in teaching. 

Laura De Gore, a senior elementary education major, is one of the many student athletes who uses some of her free time to tutor and read to the children.

De Gore said she has been participating in this program for two to three years now and that she tries to go on one of the days that Southern goes each week.

Being an elementary education major, helping the kids with reading and their homework gives De Gore experience in the field she one day wants to work in.

“I really enjoy it,” said De Gore, “it helps them and myself.”

Paige Donlin, a sophomore elementary education major, also uses the tutoring and reading program to help the children and help her for her future.

“Being an elementary education major, I want to be around kids,” said Donlin.

In 2008, the Tim Greer Community Service Cup program was created. According to an e-mail sent by Kobylanski, the Tim Greer Community Cup was made to provide a competitive format that helps give student athletes experience in some fields in the community and also lets the different Southern teams compete against each other.

During the 2009-2010 academic year, Southern student athletes totaled over 3,000 hours of volunteering to the different schools or programs offered by Southern. 

During that academic year, the women’s field hockey team came in first, with softball, and women’s lacrosse rounding out the top three.

De Gore is also a member of the women’s swimming team for Southern. De Gore isn’t the only swim member who participates in this program.

“My team always tries to do one community service event together,” said De Gore.

Donlin, who is part of the women’s field hockey team, said that she not only sees players from her team but student athletes from other teams as well.

“I see a few baseball players,” said Donlin, “also a few football players.”

De Gore also sees other athletes beside the swimming teams.

“I see baseball players and a few girl’s basketball players,” said De Gore.

Whether the student athletes go because they want to help themselves, help the kids, or help their team compete in the Tim Greer Community Cup, they enjoy doing it.

“I will seek to continue this, it’s a great experience for me,” said Donlin, “when I get the chance, I will do it.”

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  1. I know, it’s totally weird, but it was hard not to watch, wasn’t it? It’s long but aclaltuy pretty well written, I thought, especially when you consider some of the nuanced subjects they’re trying to cover.

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