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Music Review: Slaughterhouse- The EP

Jon Moreno, Arts and Entertainment Editor-

Newly signed to Shady records, Slaughterhouse is lined up to be next super hip-hop group in 2011. With artists like Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5’9, Joe Budden and Crooked I combined with the brilliance of Eminem to back them up for their next album, hip-hop is sure to be revived for those that thought it was dead. Slaughterhouse recently released a six song EP to build up on the hype of the group’s signing to its new label. The EP is sure to leave fans wanting more but this will definitely do for now.

1. Back On the Scene – What a way to start an EP. With a small amount of songs, every track has to go hard and this one does just that. These lyrical murderers all spit 16s that remind you why Eminem jumped on the opportunity to sign these guys. This song is one for the hip-hop clubs. 4/5.

2. Sun Doobie – This instrumental has a bit of a Dr. Dre vibe with the keys but the drums of an east coast producer. The beat is from Mr. Porter, member of another Eminem group, D12. This is nothing other than a lyrical genocide as this group is clearly on a quest to make an impact on the hip-hop game. 3/5.

3. Everybody Down – Confirmed to be the group’s next single, this track is a drum heavy song that is “not meant for the clubs” as Royce Da 5’9 said. He sets the bar high from the beginning with a verse that delivered witty lyrics, punch lines and his typical sense of humor. This song is tough and if these guys don’t have a hip-hop head’s respect by now, then this is the track they must listen to. It’s sure to change minds. 4/5.

4. Put Some Money On It (Remix) – This is strictly lyrics here. If you can’t rap, then you do not belong on this song. D-Block is featured here so one can only imagine the combination. The beat is repetitive but the beat is the last thing a hip-hop fan is listening to on this song. Jadakiss delivers my favorite verse here. Royce Da 5’9 delivers the best flow, though. Hard track. 4/5.

5. Fight Club (Remix) – One of the hardest hip-hop beats I’ve heard in a long time, this song has no hook. It’s reminiscent of a rap cipher as the whole group takes turns to spit their best verse possible. They take turns and rap a few bars before passing along the mic. 3/5.

6. Move On (Remix) – This song is eight minutes long as every group member speak on personal issues. Joell Ortiz admits his mother sniffed crack, Joe Budden talks about his visitation rights with his child, Royce touches the subject on his beef with Eminem a few years ago, and Crooked I reminisces about a close call to being in jail. This song is the best I’ve heard from Slaughterhouse. I cannot wait until they release their first album out of Shady. Hardcore hip-hop is about to receive CPR. It’s been gone for way too long.

Overall: 4 out of 5 Owls.

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