Today: Jun 16, 2024

Shoot for the stars

Kaitlin O’Brien, Staff Writer-
Ever since I was a little girl I used to always be told, “Shoot for the stars, Kaitlin.” I used to think that was such a cliché expression until last semester. After having such a successful first internship, it was time to apply for my spring semester internship. I applied to a few local radio stations because I thought it would be easy to stay around New Haven and take classes while doing an internship close to school. Then I decided to apply to what would ideally be the “dream” internship in New York City.
I have listened to Z100 since I started listening to radio back when I was nine-years-old. Not only have I listened to Z100 but I listened to the morning show every morning when I got ready for high school and on my drive there. I always thought the topics were engaging, the people were so funny, and the atmosphere in a place like that must be something unlike any other radio station.

When I went to z100’s website and saw “become an intern” there were a few choices for what part of Z100 you wanted to intern at. I read them over carefully (probably a few more times than I should have) and realized that the morning show itself had a specific application for interns. I sat down at my computer, wrote my cover letter, made sure my resume was error -free and sent the application. Just like that, I had applied to be an intern at the morning show.
Now the waiting started. I thought to myself, between New Jersey, New York and Connecticut there must be so many people that apply. I was happy that I even sent an application, but didn’t really think I would get a call back. It was a Friday and I was driving on the Merritt and saw a weird number and decided to pick up. I pulled over and she said, “Hi, I’m from z100, we were wondering if you would like to come in for an interview next week.” I GOT AN INTERVIEW AT Z100. Just like that, my whole mood changed and suddenly I did realize that dreams can come true, and when you shoot for the stars, good things can happen.
At this point in my life, an interview was more than I ever could have asked for. After a 45- minute interview, I walked out there, looked at my sister and said, “I think I got it.” When I asked in the interview how many people I was up against he said that over 100 applied for this semester, they interview about 40 or so and then they pick four. Only four people, I thought. Wow. At this point getting an interview meant so much to me that I was so grateful for just that.
The waiting process was just over three weeks. I was home the week before finals and logged into my e-mail and saw an e-mail from the address I had sent my application to. I didn’t even read the whole e-mail before I screamed because I saw Kaitlin, “thank you for your patience we would like to offer you an internship here at the morning show if you are still interested.” I screamed, called my mom and just kept smiling.
My dad always used to tell me how I could do anything I could set my mind to and how shooting for the stars was something you had to do. Well he was right. I thank him up in heaven for always believing in me and telling me my dreams would come true no matter how long it took.
I am in my fourth week at the Morning Show and although I have to travel nearly two hours every morning and wake up at 3 a.m. to be there, it is well worth every second and when you shoot for the stars, your dreams will come true.


  1. “I thank him up in heaven for always believing in me and telling me my dreams would come true no matter how long it took.” Beautiful :]

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