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SCSU Artist Profile: Q&A with Andrew Golding

Andrew Golding is a Southern alumnus, a public health major and former photo editor for the Southern News
1. How did you end up choosing to attend SCSU? What are you up to now that you’ve graduated?

Answer: Actually Southern was my last choice. I applied to Southern as one of my safety schools. My first choice was the University of New Haven but at the end of the day, it all came down to affordability.

2. How long have you been shooting photography? How did it all start for you?

Answer: As long as I could remember, I had always been interested in photography. I guess you can say the “journey” began when I received my first digital camera as a junior in High School.

3. When was the first moment you realized this is something you love doing?

Answer: I realized photography was something I loved doing when I was hired as the photographer for Southern News in the spring semester of 2007. I enjoyed photographing different events at Southern and making new friends in the process.

4. Tell us about your most memorable moment being a photographer. Any cool, funny stories?

Answer: The one event that sticks out most in my memory is covering the welcome back celebration after the Southern women’s basketball team won the Division II National Championship. I was very excited and proud to be covering such a historic event in school history.

5. What else do you do that most people may not know about you?

Answer: Well contrary to popular assumption, I graduated with a degree in Public Health. While at Southern, many people thought I was a photography or art major.

6. If you weren’t doing photography, where do you think your life would be and why?

Answer: I’m not sure what I would be doing.

7. Who are your biggest influences in life and what affect have they had on you?

Answer: I would have to say my parents have been the biggest influences in my life. They always tell me to give it my all in everything that I do, and that’s advice I keep with me on a daily basis.

8. How does the art of shooting photos make you feel?

Answer: Shooting photos puts me at ease. When I’m shooting, nothing else matters at the moment.

9. Now that you have graduated, what is one message you’d like to tell the Southern student body?

Answer: I would say to the student body to get everything you can out of your college experience. Try to become involved in activities that interest you, and always have a never ending thirst for knowledge.

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