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What to do, where to view

Andrew Frosceno, Special to the Southern News-
It’s the biggest week of the year. No it’s not Christmas, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, its Super Bowl week. Southern students, both residents and non-residents, have many options on how to watch the game this year.
Commuters such as Mike Parrot don’t feel the need to be on campus to watch the game, but rather stay at home and enjoy the game with the ones he’s closest to.
Parrot, a junior psychology major from Seymour, said he just plans on staying home and spending time with his girlfriend and family.
“I’m just going to watch the game with my girlfriend Meg and her family. It’s easier than having to drive to campus activities,” Parrot said.
As for activities on campus for Super Bowl Sunday, Natalie Sabino said there is a very attractive option for both residents and non-residents.
Sabino, a sophomore and an active member of the Residence Hall Association, said it is a big weekend of events at Southern.
“This weekend is actually sports weekend at Southern,” Sabino said. “Super Bowl wise, we are having a huge Super Bowl party in the student center sponsored by RHA.”
According to the RHA’s Super Bowl party event page on Facebook, the event will run from just prior to game time at 5:30 until the game is over. There will be numerous give-aways and free food, such as pizza and wings.
“All SCSU students are welcome to come out and enjoy the game with us, both commuters and residents,” Sabino said.
The event, held at the Michael J. Adanti Student Center Theatre, is a great way for students who can’t make it home for the big game to watch it in style with a lot of food and friends.
Meanwhile, some residents who live close to home such as Nick Lauzon, plan on heading home
for the big game between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers.
Lauzon, a sophomore education major, said he decided to head home because his friend invited him over for the game.
“I don’t live that far from school at all and my friend asked me last week if I wanted to come over so I decided to go home for the game.”
Sabino, who lives about 45 minutes away from Southern’s campus, said she would love to be home with family but it’s just easier for everyone if she stayed at school.
“I don’t live very close to here so I’m just going to stay here and help organize and attend the RHA Super Bowl party,” Sabino said.
The event is a fun way for students at Southern to meet new people as well. According to the event page, as many as 100 people could be attending the viewing event at the student center theatre. Just a mere 39 people invited have declined to attend the party.
The party is also a place where the most casual and even the non-sports fans like Sabino, can go and enjoy the game and free food with friends.
“I am not a football fan at all or any sports really,” Sabino said. “If we at RHA didn’t create this event it probably would have been just another night in my room doing homework.”

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