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SCSU Artist Profile: Eric Peavey

Jennifer Fengler, Staff Writer-

Eric Peavey, a student and musician who plays piano, is proof there may be talent hidden around every corner at Southern.

He is an environmental science major at Southern and a second semester junior who has taken lessons for ten and a half years, and has been dedicated to playing piano for about 14 years now.

“He is an amazing piano player,” said Eric Habersang, a friend of Peavey’s.

Eric’s girlfriend Abby Clare also spoke about how he plays piano.

“I have heard him play piano many times and he has an incredible talent,” said Clare. “What he does at a piano is astounding.”

“It’s very calming. Over the past few years I just do it for my own leisure,” said Peavey.

He stopped taking lessons for a couple of reasons. One, because he felt he learned enough about piano and that he could play as good as if not better than his piano teacher, George Vertucci. Another reason was that his teacher George Vertucci was busted for cocaine in October, 2007.

Despite hearing about what happened with his teacher, it did not discourage him from continuing to enjoy playing the piano.

“He was a great teacher and a great friend,” said Peavey.

According to Peavey, the hardest part about learning the piano was getting started. Even after learning the different keys and having played for so many years, he said it can be hard for his hands to remember what to do if he goes on for two months without playing.

“It is, in my opinion, the hardest instrument to learn,” said Peavey. “So if you learn to play piano first, it’s a lot easier to play any other instrument afterwards.”

For anyone who is interested in learning to play piano, Peavey said to try not to getfrustrated.

“One of the biggest things is don’t be afraid of your parents because I’ve always been intimidated by my parents,” said Peavey.

He said he always felt judged by his parents, but can play in front of anyone else no matter how many people are in the crowd. If he ever had to perform, he believes he could and would do some small gigs or play at bars. He said he would also try out for “America’s Got Talent” or “American Idol” to get his name out there.

“Those are highly publicized programs which get tons of viewers and you never know if a future employer or someone who wants to sign you is watching,” said Peavey.

Peavey plays piano as often as he can while sometimes using the piano in Earl Hall, at home, and the piano at his work. In general, he said he’s open to playing any type of music, as long as he has sheet music for it. Peavey also makes up music off the top of his head to play.

Jennifer Andreozzi, another friend of Peavey’s who has heard him play, said, “It’s beautiful and his music flows extremely well.”

One of Peavey’s co-workers, Anastasia Magee, said she heard him play the piano at work before and thinks if he ever wanted to, he should definitely try out for the show “America’s Got Talent.”

“I think he’s so talented,” said Magee. “He gets this focus over him when he plays as if he’s in another world.”

Some musicians Peavey said he recognizes for their talent are Tom York, Billy Joel and Elton John.

One day if given the chance, Peavey could become just as famous as one of those pianists.

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