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Ricky Martin varies styles but falls short

Stephanie Paulino, Managing Editor-

Despite the trend of electronic beats in much of today’s popular music, I naively hoped Ricky Martin’s new album, “Musica + Alma +Sexo” (Music + Soul+ Sex) would include more of the love ballads I loved most by him.
There are a few ballads, mixed in with upbeat dance tracks, and sprinkled with sounds of his Puerto Rican roots. With this album, his first since 2005, Ricky offers a range of styles and an open and inspiring tone.
Dance tracks like “Será Será” (“It will be, It will be”) and “No Te Miento” (“I’m not lying”) reflect Ricky’s true-to-self attitude, following last year’s announcement of his homosexuality.
In the acoustic introduction of “Basta Ya” (“Enough”), Ricky opens with, “Getting closer to the truth, I look for a way to tell the world, what I now can’t keep secret.”
“The best thing about me is you” and “Lo mejor de m vida eres tu” are English and Spanish versions of the same, upbeat, feel-good song. The differences, beside the languages, are female vocalists accompanying him on each track. The English features Joss Stone and the Spanish, Natasha Jiménez.
Ricky has released videos for the songs, highlighting diversity and acceptance. He features heterosexual, homosexual, biracial couples and extras of different backgrounds. I applaud Ricky for sending out such a positive message.
There’s another dance track called “Más” (More), about people following their dreams.
In “Te Vas” (“You’re Leaving”) and “Shine”, Ricky sings in English and Spanish, respectively, songs with different themes, but to the same music.
In a remix of “Frío” (“Cold”), Ricky teams with fellow Puerto Rican artists, Wisin y Yandel for a reggaeton track that I suspect will be played in clubs soon.
Perhaps the most unique sounding track, “Cántame tu vida” (“Sing me your life”) is Latin-influenced, featuring a flute and cuatro, a guitar and the national instrument of Puerto Rico.
After listening to the album a few more times, I concluded that although not my favorite, it reinforces Ricky’s talent with such a diverse collection of songs.
3 out of 5 owls

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