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Miguel CD Review

Jon Moreno
Arts & Entertainment Editor
“Sure Thing” – The intro to this album is a soft one, setting the tone for essentially the rest of the record. Singing to the girl of his dreams, Miguel assures her that he’s in it for good. The song is full of cheesy lyrics like “You are the one, because you’re a 10,” but hey, it sounds great and the ladies are sure to love this one. 3/5

“All I Want Is You (feat. J. Cole)” – The only collaboration on the album, and it is from no other but J. Cole, Southern’s Spring Week performer last year. With two solid verses, the instrumental fits them very well. Miguel croons to a woman who he longs to be with again. The beat can’t help but make you bop your head and by the second chorus, chances are you are going to find yourself singing the words. 4/5
“Girl With The Tattoo Enter.Lewd” – I have no idea why Miguel chose to spell interlude incorrectly but the track itself is a great listen. No instrumental. He sings to his own background vocals to make a soft, easy sound as he brags about being intimate with the “girl with the tattoo.” 3/5
“Pay Me” – The tempo picks up incredibly with a smooth transition to this track. The robotic-sounding hook immediately makes this song a personal favorite. Miguel rides the instrumental smooth and every time that chorus comes in, you realize more and more what the song is about. It’s hilarious and perfectly executed. Best song on the album. 4/5
“Quickie” – The song title should make it obvious as to what the song’s subject matter is but that by no means makes this track raunchy or one of those awkward baby making songs. This one is nice and slow as he confesses he doesn’t want a relationship, just passionate love. I see nothing wrong with that and neither should you. 3/5
“Girls Like” – On one song he’s a player and on the very next one he’s longing for a woman’s love. The balance is what makes this album consistent however and it continues on this track. Beautiful, intelligent and creative girls are his weakness here as they remind him that being in a relationship is what he truly wants deep down. 4/5
“Overload Enter.Lewd” – A somewhat pointless interlude to be frank. Good for what it is but I don’t think it made the transition between songs any better. 1/5
“Hard Way” – The beat is reminiscent of “All I Want Is You” but it’s still different in its own way. After failed and failed relationships, Miguel takes responsibility of his actions. The breakdown on the third verse makes this song that much better. 3/5
“Teach Me” – If you can’t make babies to this song, then you can’t make babies to any sort of music at all. The lyrics are provocative yet still classy. “Your body is a party and I just want to celebrate.” Celebrate indeed, Miguel, because this song is a classic slow song. 4/5
“Hero” – It’s a slow but up-tempo beat as he promises a woman that he is her protector. The chorus is hypnotizing. The guitar solo at the end is the perfect cap off. “I’ll stop a train for ya, I’ll catch a plane for ya.” This woman is doing something right! 4/5
“Vixen” – Miguel and his woman of interest are role-playing in this tune as he tells her that his bed will be her stage. Well, we want an encore! Solid track. 3/5
“To The Moon” – Miguel promises to take his girl to ecstasy on this song. The verses are good but the chorus feels too repetitive and therefore makes for a mediocre song. I’m sure many will enjoy it but I prefer every other track on this album to this one. 2/5
“My Piece” – In my neighborhood in Bridgeport, when people refer to a “piece,” they are referring to a firearm. This is the case here as he pulls off one of the most gangster R&B songs I believe I’ve ever heard. However, he cleverly refers his “piece” to, you guessed it, another woman. The beat reminds me a little bit of Aaliyah over Timbaland production back in the good old days. 3/5
“I’ll Still Try” – A bonus song on iTunes, the track is a good end to the album as he romances one more lucky lady. He assures her that she is still beautiful even when she is in her sweatpants at home sitting on the couch watching television. After all the raunchiness, sex and heartbreak, he reminds his listeners that he is a normal guy who simply appreciates the small things in a relationship. 3/5

With a solid debut album, I can’t wait to see him bloom as one of music’s most talented singers in a while. The lack of features displays his strengths as a songwriter and singer that will outlast him against his “industry-built” competitors. 3 Owls out of 5.

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