Today: Jun 19, 2024

Let it (stop) snowing!

Stephanie Paulino
Managing Editor

Snow day—those two words were once music to my ears. In fact, I would wish for a good storm. At least enough accumulation to keep me home, lounging all day, far away from school. After the past few weeks we’ve been having, I think all my prayers were answered, years later.
Now, with a different perspective and a bit more responsibility, I don’t see the snow as bliss. Instead, with each added inch, I see accidents, expenses and inconveniences.
As of Jan. 27, snow totals reached 4 feet, 11 inches, surpassing the record of snowiest month set in 1945.
Beating the snow total by just ¾ of an inch, I’m proud to say I’m taller than something. But not for long, I’m sure.
All the snowfall spells out railroad suspensions, flight cancellations, and school closings.
While we wait for it all to melt, our lives are put on hold, or if we must, we trudge through it.
Our first thoughts are often of frustration at the spotty street snow removal and icy sidewalks.
Southern campus residents were asked to move their cars from nearby parking lots to the West Campus or commuter parking garages near Davis Hall, as an effort to make the lots drivable.
You can imagine competing with other students for a space in the garages was no easy task.
As with the University, cities are coping with snow and ice removal operations— a significant expense in already strained budgets.
Just before the latest storm, New Haven had already gone through 70 percent of its snow removal budget. The city called for a parking ban on downtown streets to facilitate plowing last week.
Thanks to the parking ban and my Elm Street internship, I spent $15 to keep my beloved Corolla in a nearby lot for just five hours.
Like the rest of you, I fear the latest storms won’t be the season’s last. We’re still two months away from the start of spring, on March 20.
I’m sure by now, the joy of the snow day has probably waned for students and teachers as districts continue to have closings, dismissals and early releases.
New Haven public schools have had six snow days this school year so far.
Closings don’t help as schools prepare for midterms and statewide exams, CMT and CAPT.
With a state requirement of 180 days, school officials are discussing where to tack on make-up days, considering adding on to the end of the school year in June or reducing week-long vacations in either February or April.
Here at Southern, with crammed syllabuses, professors are kicking off the semester behind schedule.
As far as car accidents go: I think it’s sufficient to say we know what the state’s highways are like—add snow and black ice to the mix and the roads are sheer mayhem.
State troopers responded to more than 2,263 calls and more than 200 accidents, including nine with injuries, during the storm that covered the state last Wednesday and Thursday.
Combine all that frustration with helplessness, because there is nothing we can do to stop the snow from falling.
While you’re slipping and sliding down the road in your rear-wheel drive car, or breaking your back shoveling the driveway, take a deep breath and try to smile.
Easier said than done, I know. But, if you can’t change your fate, change your attitude.
Besides, it won’t be too long before we are all complaining about a string of summer heat waves.

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