Today: May 29, 2024

Teachers making the marks needed for success


Joe Kirschner

Staff Writer

The importance of having a good teacher in your classroom is a very serious necessity in any school you might have gone to or will attend. Teachers have the responsibility to actually “teach” their students and make sure they are really learning the material taught in the class. More and more talk has been occurring about how the educational system in this country is failing, but who is to blame for students not being able to learn? Is it society? The education system itself? The teachers? Or the students not being willing to learn? I do not have the answers for how to fix the educational system in this country, but I do know how much a good teacher who actually cares about their students learning can benefit the student’s educational process. By having a teacher who actually teaches and not just “moves through the motions,” students can learn and be successful, ultimately being better off in the long run because of what success a good education can bring.

A good teacher is usually identified by a certain trait that the student particularly likes about the person. A certain quirk the teacher has, or how the teacher lays out the material in the class lectures, can be things that might grab a student’s attention and help them decide if the teacher is actually going to be someone that they can learn from. Students who find good teachers for their classes are so much better off because of the fact that they know the teacher is willing to help them in areas of need such as a certain topic in math, or a certain part of a paper in English. With a good teacher students can have the ease of learning and let it seep into their brains so they actually have the knowledge to be prepared for the upcoming exam, but also for life ahead. Instead of having a stressful time trying to learn the material from a person who, in their opinion, really shouldn’t be teaching.

Learning in a stress-free environment only allows for success to occur in the classroom. Students who experience little pressure from the subject are more apt to find the subject easier to grasp. Rather than having constant pressure on the students’ ability to learn, students of all ages can take their time and actually comprehend what is being taught in the day’s lecture. Having a good teacher who allows you the time to think about what was taught and gives you the tools to actually understand the lecture are sometimes not available when needed. The lack of good teachers in the classroom can result in failing a class and getting frustrated with the tasks and stress that everyday school life can bring ultimately creates a severe dislike of a subject for that student.

The objective of schooling in any grade level is to learn, and it shouldn’t be about the grades. The grades can either reflect the effort put in by the student or the ability the teacher has to actually relate the topic in a way that most students can understand. Things like “No Child Left Behind” help to monitor this to see if the teachers are actually teaching and students are actually learning. But does this work? People failing classes for whatever reason may not be a bad thing, but teachers not being able to teach well enough for any particular student to understand can be a stressful factor in the job of being a teacher at any educational institution. It is OK for anyone to say the words “I don’t know” or “I don’t understand.” Working together for the purposes of education and learning can not only help you at the moment but also can help future generations of American students who are going to one day be looking for good teachers to have in the classroom that actually are going to teach them something that they can bring with them for the rest of their lives.

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