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Southern life here and beyond


Andrew Laudicina

Staff Writer

My adventure here at Southern is slowly coming to an end. As most of Southern’s campus knows, I’m not the world’s biggest fan of the community around here and I’ve spent the better part of the past year having a great time bad mouthing the campus.

I’ve decided it’s time to move away from all the negativity about Southern and discuss the positives. I know this is uncharacteristic of me, but I figured maybe I could give it a try. I mean Southern currently has a lot going for it and is only going to continue to get even better, why not jump on the bandwagon and drink the same juice as everyone else?

When I was a freshman, Conn Hall looked like it was a high school cafeteria. It was pretty pathetic. A few years back now, the place was completely remodeled. It looks amazing now and looks like a cool place to actually hang out to eat. Unfortunately though, eating the food will still land you in the bathroom for upwards of 30 minutes.

This past season, the football team was on national television for the first time ever. The stands were filled to capacity and hell, I even dug up the desire to go to the game with my friend Becca. It was a mob scene. Sadly though, it took Southern to be on national television for it to finally fill the seats and draw a huge audience. Oh yeah, does anyone know if we still have a men’s basketball program? I’m not sure.

There’s a new library on campus. When I used to have to go to the old library, I’d cross my fingers that I wouldn’t get trapped in the elevators because they were so old and slow. There were many other problems with the building, but luckily we have a new library with all sorts of computer labs and bigger spaces to work in and for students to study. However, the old ugly library still stands lurking on campus and I’m pretty sure there are a few homeless people sleeping inside of it.

Campus police have put their iron fist down against party houses near campus. The Southern community remains quiet now throughout the weekend. The problem is no one is safe walking around campus as sexual assaults continue to happen. Southern even got a mention not long ago on WTNH News Channel 8. Hide yo wife, hide yo kids.

Southern recently decided to institute a fee to print paper in the computer labs. I personally believe this was needed as I have witnessed, with my eyes, students’ waste paper printing useless junk. My only complaint is don’t we as students pay a technology fee every semester? Aren’t computers technological equipment? What about a printer? Hmmm….

When I lived in Hickerson Hall many moons ago, I used to loathe having to cross Farnham Ave. to go to class. It was like a human game of Frogger. Then, the pedestrian caution cones were implemented and cars are now forced to stop for pedestrians. It makes crossing the street a lot easier. Except for the other day when I saw students attempting to cross in the crosswalk, and a Southern police car drove completely through the crosswalk not stopping whatsoever for the students as they were already on the road crossing. Maybe we need bigger caution cones?

Spring Week at Southern is an important part of not only the spring semester, but the entire school year. There’s usually a world famous music artist that comes to Lyman Hall for a concert. There are events the whole week around campus such as a comedy act or something. The events are a lot of fun…fun for about the 30 people who actually attend any of the events. Bill Cosby was on campus last week, and he drew more attention compared to any type of act or show that has come to Southern in the past five years combined.

Like Southern, I thought I would try to get better. I thought I could write a positive article about Southern and shed some light away from the negativity surrounding it. Just like Southern though, I failed.

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