Today: Jul 17, 2024

Owl Mail: A Good idea in theory, but tricky in reality


Kaitlyn Naples

News Editor

More space was definitely needed in the Southern’s e-mail before the Owls mail emerged. However, I have had problems with the new mail system since I set it up. I have noticed that when I log into the Owls mail, I have seen two different formats. One easier than the other to read, delete and reply to e-mails.

I think there should be a way to access BannerWeb from the Owls mail. I have been thinking of having my e-mails forwarded to a personal account because I do not want to have to sign into two different windows to access my e-mails.

I really liked how I could read e-mails and be able to access BannerWeb in the same window. It would probably be more convenient for me if the new e-mail were able to open up in the same BannerWeb page.

I have heard of e-mails being bounced back, e-mails never being received and confusion between student and professor e-mail addresses.

It is refreshing that I don’t have a warning at the right-hand corner of my MySCSU account saying I am at 95 percent capacity and I don’t have to worry about missing important e-mails from professors or classmates.

I have heard that many people on campus either do not use the new Owls mail or have their Southern e-mails forwarded to a personal account. The downside of that, though, is when you respond to an e-mail through a forwarded address, sometimes the sender gets confused or doesn’t read the e-mail because it’s from a different address.

I also thought we would be able to use one password to access both email logins. Mine however, does not work that way. I have two different passwords.

I plan to have my e-mails forwarded to my personal e-mail account. I do not want the hassle of e-mails being bounced back or the server being down when I need to access it most.

Unfortunately, I think there is just too much going on in the new e-mail system. Simpler really is better.

I understand the IT department does their best with trying to advance our technology and make it easier for students and staff. I just would rather them work on making the server or internet more reliable, especially when students utilize their e-mail for important documents or forms of communication between professors and classmates.

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