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Jeter doesn’t deserve this Golden Glove


Kaitlin O’Brien

Staff Writer

Derek Jeter is single-handedly one of the best baseball players, ever. You don’t have to be a die-hard Yankees fan like to me to know what he has done for the New York Yankees since his rookie year in 1996. Despite all that he’s done, this year it was all about what he didn’t do. He didn’t get the Yankees another ring, he didn’t hit home runs in clutch situations, and he just didn’t perform like the Derek Jeter he is “supposed to” be. But don’t worry, he knows just as well as you know and I about his performance.

Becoming a free agent just about a week ago shouldn’t make real Yankee fans question if he is going to be re-signed. He started as New York Yankee and will end as a New York Yankee. There are no questions about that one. If for some reason I’m wrong (I wouldn’t bet me on that though), then I’ll let anyone tell me how I don’t know what im talking about. Again, that’s not going to be the case.

This year Jeter won the Gold Glove. Now, when I saw the votes and saw Robinson Cano won, I immediately smiled because when he joined the Yankees I always thought he was good when everyone else thought he wasn’t going to stay. Seeing Jeter’s name however did make me question baseball. True, he still is one of the best baseball players ever to play but what did he do to get him a Gold Glove? Again, the posters in my room will prove how much I love him- but why? Why did Derek Jeter get a Gold Glove after what many called “the worst season ever?”

I truly believe systems need to be changed in order for deserving players to get awards over others. Do I think in the past when Jeter has received the Gold Glove he deserved it? Absolutely. Now realistically, he only had six errors this entire year, so you would say to yourself if you don’t follow baseball, “six errors, doesn’t seem like a lot.” But I don’t agree. Jeter didn’t win a Gold Glove for the other reason players usually do, which is how they perform on the field as well as their bat. He hit extremely poorly in 2010 as well as played in general poorly, so I truly believe he won because he’s what we call in politics “the incumbent” and nobody wanted to oust Derek Jeter.

I don’t believe in “giving awards back” so do I think Derek Jeter should give back such a prestigious award? Not a chance. But should the selection process be changed a little and avid baseball followers express their opinions on this year’s awards? You betcha. I love Derek Jeter, but he simply did not deserve to receive the Gold Glove award this year.

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