Today: May 29, 2024

Jersey Shore: Now Taking Over the World One Poof At A Time


Kaitlin O’Brien

Staff Writer

The world of television has forever been changed. Gym, Tan, Laundry or G.T.L are the three most infamous words of the past year, and have changed the way the Jersey Shore, television and life as we know it have been portrayed, forever.

Millions of people tune in every Thursday at 10 p.m. to watch eight (used to be nobodies) make fools of themselves for $10,000 or more an episode on national television. We are currently in a recession and if I go live in a house with seven people I don’t know, I can make $10,000 an episode? Sign me up. Actually on second thought, my college education seems a little more important.

Now although it is quite easy to bash the Jersey Shore for its “negative portrayal” of Italians and the words “guido” and “guidette,” I still religiously watch it every Thursday night. There’s something about people making absolute fools out of themselves everyday that makes me want to keep watching. Ronnie for example, does his own things and goes back home to his girlfriend and everyone in the house knows but keeps their mouth shut. That’s just funny if you ask me. It’s like a drug and I am addicted to the drama. How can you not get involved when no matter where you go there is something you see that reminds you of Jersey Shore or someone talking about the show?

I went to Wildwood for a long weekend over the summer. I was appalled that every single store I walked in and out of on the boardwalk had nothing but sayings from the Jersey Shore. I think I may have been more appalled about the number of people that were actually purchasing these shirts. It could have been the crazy amount of girls walking into the stores with their hair poofed up, huge heels and short shorts wishing they were Snooki. It was of been appalling to see but either way, everyone loves the show Jersey Shore.

The portrayal of New Jersey as a state and especially the town of Seaside has been changed forever.

Not only has New Jersey been affected, but everywhere you go Jersey Shore is the topic of conversation. Whether its people posting videos on YouTube, going to look-a-like contests, or simply just always talking about the Jersey Shore- it is absolutely one of the best shows MTV has produced.

You may not watch Jersey Shore or have any desire too, but it has really changed television forever.

Mike “The Situation” is estimated to make over $1 million in 2010. MTV has had Real World on for years and none of their characters ever did anything after the show. Mike makes guest appearances nearly every week and is even going to make a fool out of himself on Dancing with the Stars. The craze is, eight people lived in a house on the Jersey Shore and everyone around the country became obsessed.

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