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Getting a tattoo: Y/N?


Carisa McLaughlin

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Lately it seems like every other person I come across either has a tattoo or is thinking about getting one. For me personally, I can’t decide whether I want a tattoo or not – I consider myself to be on the fence.

Neither of my parents have tattoos and they both make it clear that they do not approve of them.

Over the summer, I bought a temporary tattoo out of one of those 50-cent machines. To experiment with the idea of having my own tattoo, I applied the vicious-looking snake to my hip. For the two weeks the tattoo lasted, I usually forgot it was there.

While helping my dad around the house one day, the temporary tattoo happened to catch his eye. He gasped at the sight of it and instantly started flipping out, asking me if the tattoo was real. I laughed and told him it was fake.

After that reaction, I realized as long as I am living in my parents’ home, having a tattoo probably isn’t the best idea, but do I really want one?

One of the biggest issues about having an easily visible tattoo is how a future employer may see you. Even though tattoos are becoming more popular, the idea of them in the workplace is still taboo.

I know many girls who have gotten tattoos on their hips, rib cages or feet because “it’s easier to hide.” But
isn’t the point of a tattoo to express something about yourself to others? Why would you want to get something that is easy to cover up? But at the same time, you don’t want to risk a job opportunity simply because you have a tattoo.

Despite the debate over society’s views of tattoos, I have been considering getting a tattoo for the last year or two. One of the problems I face when it comes to a tattoo is the commitment. I can’t figure out where on my body I would want to permanently place a piece of artwork that I won’t regret in 10 years, or even 10 weeks.

I’m the type of person who enjoys change, so I don’t know how I would deal with a tattoo.

On some people, tattoos look great and I really admire them. On others, I don’t understand how or why that person chose that particular tattoo. Tattoos are supposed to have a special meaning to that person. There should be a story behind every tattoo and why it’s there. If I ever do get a tattoo, I will know exactly why and how I chose it and the reasoning behind it.

Perhaps one day I will get the courage to finally have a tattoo. I think if I truly want one, the time will come when I choose a spot on my body and share my story with the rest of the world. But for now — and as long as I’m living with my parents (which hopefully won’t be too much longer) — I’m deciding to refrain from getting a tattoo.

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