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Freshman is a bright spot this season for field hockey


Sean Meenaghan

General Assignment Reporter

As a high school coach, Maggie Tieman said her star player was a role model for younger players. Now Sarah Cebry is that young player and still leads the Owls in scoring.

Cebry, a freshman field hockey player who attended Lewis Mills High School in Burlington, CT, has helped the Owls stay competitive this season by leading the team in scoring with eight goals and 18 points.

“She always handled pressure with confidence and ease. She was her toughest critic, always so hard on herself to be perfect,” said Tieman, head coach at Lewis Mills.

Cebry said her mom got her hooked on the sport.

“My mom made me do the camp,” Cebry said. “I fell in love with it, my coach in high school was the instructor at the camp. She encouraged me.”

Cebry, said she got a spot on the high school team right away, and won several awards during her time there.

“I played all four years on varsity, I started every game,” said Cebry. “I made first team all state my junior and senior year. I was number one in my league junior and senior year. As a freshman I got honorable mention and as a sophomore I made second team all state.”

Cebry said she made athlete of the week in her hometown newspaper every year, and coming out, she said was looking mainly at two schools.

“My first choice was St. Anselm,” Cebry said. “I didn’t get in, but Southern was my second choice, and I love being here at SCSU.”

Cebry said her greatest moment in field hockey was back in high school.

“Junior year, we were in the quarterfinal match in double overtime with a few minutes left,” Cebry said. “I got the ball and went around three defenders. I then was one-on-one with the goalie and scored the winning goal.”

Cebry said it stood out because the team was a big rival of Lewis Mills and they had previously beaten them. As far as her new team is concerned, she said she appreciates how well the team comes together.

“I like the team. You become a family, you always have people to rely on,” said Cebry. “When you practice, and what you practice happens during the game, it feels good.”

Kelley Frassinelli, head coach of the Southern field hockey team, said she likes what Cebry brings to the team.

“She has a good impact,” Frassinelli said. “She’s always looking for the ball, she works hard and has a lot of speed. She has a lot of natural ability.”

Frassinelli said Cebry made rookie of the week a couple times already this year.

“She is tenacious,” Frassinelli added. “She is guaranteed to get a touch.”

Cebry fractured her thumb during a recent game, but Frassinelli said she is playing well through the injury. She acknowledged Cebry has an important role to play on the hockey field.

“She is a leader on the field,” Frassinelli said. “She works hard and the team follows. They have respect for their teammate.”

Frassinelli said Cebry constantly works hard and does the job she is supposed to do.

She described Cebry as having a “bubbly” personality.

“She’s a great kid, quiet, but opens up,” Frassinelli said. “She is shy but not withdrawn. She works hard and gives her best, very likeable.”

Frassinelli said she knew Cebry would be a key commodity on the team this season.

“We knew she would have an impact but it stretched beyond our expectations,” Frassinelli said. “We are
happy where she is but are pushing for more.”

Frassinelli said Cebry’s ability to adjust is essential.

“She is very coachable,” Frassinelli said. “Tries to apply it to the game, it is great to watch when it is applied.”

Frassinelli indicated that Cebry was being heavily scouted in high school.

“We looked at her in her junior year,” Frassinelli said. “We reconnected towards the end of the year.”

Frassinelli said she thought Cebry would be perfect for Southern’s program.

“You’re always looking for the all around athlete,” Frassinelli stated. “You might get the best player, but
that player doesn’t have the right personality, not the package we are looking for.”

Tieman said Cebry had great qualities on and off the field.

“Her athleticism came from her years of playing ice hockey.” Tieman said. “She has innate ability to read the field. Very sincere, caring and respectful young lady, she has a wonderful sense of humor.”

Tieman said Cebry handled her role on the team very well.

“Sarah (Cebry) was a varsity starter since day one of her freshman year,” Tieman said. “She holds the scoring record here at (Lewis) Mills. She was our go-to player every year here.“

Tieman said she saw a great transition from Cebry as a freshman to her final year as a senior.

“She would be a role model for younger players,” Tieman said. “A sense of keeping the dynasty of Mills field hockey alive. She would take younger players aside, before and after practice, and teach them so that our program stayed strong. Her communication skills improved from a shy, quiet freshman to a positively outspoken, well articulated senior.”

Tieman said Cebry had a sense of reading her teammates.

“On the field she was very in tune with what other teammates were thinking and feeling,” Tieman said.
“She knew who was having a good day and who needed some extra encouragement because their skills weren’t right on for the day.”

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