Today: May 29, 2024

Congratulations you’re a senior, now own it.


Steve Miller

Opinions Editor

It’s been 3 years since I first graced Southern’s campus—three long years. Though I rag on Southern like I’m sure many of you do, looking back at each year I’ve been here, I’ve grown in one way or another. Yes, I’ve grown at Southern Connecticut State University, believe it or not. Now I’m a senior and it’s the home stretch.

Sure I think of what job I’ll have in five years and whether or not I’ll love what I do. Nobody wants to be that bitter 40-year-old slaving away in a cubicle and all the while growing more and more reminiscent of what could have been. But I try not to dwell on the future. I have no idea what will happen, where I’ll end up, but I’m here now—ready for the present.

No matter what year you’re in, the time to act is now. Who knows, joining a new club or going to a lecture could inspire you even if you’ve already got one foot through the door. After college, when and where are you going to find the time to interact with other like-minded people together at one institution?

Sure I’m a senior, but that doesn’t diminish the fact that I’m still open to new experiences and opportunities. Being in this transitory position forces students to make tough choices about their futures, but let’s not forget about now. We’re still here whether we like it or not. I know going to class to fill that seemingly pointless health requirement that you’ve put off until now may be frustrating, but a blasé attitude isn’t going to make the year go by any faster.

We’ve all spent sleepless nights eating over-processed ramen, cursing our workload, and making every attempt to not do what needs to be done, then dragging ourselves to class the next morning. Trust me, a good 75 percent of my diet was microwavable but I’ve grown up and know these situations helped shaped my college experience and will continue to do so through the coming year.

Being a senior doesn’t automatically mean closing yourself off. Don’t come to school with the purpose of only going to class with your oversized sunglasses in an attempt to filter everyone else out. Meeting new people is still possible and there’s still some room for self-exploration and self-realization. Some may think there’s nobody or nothing worth their time anymore but good things can happen if you put some effort in and look a little harder.

Class requirements may have been a bitch at times, and spending $400 of my own money on books each semester may have been physically painful (now I’m just numb to it) but I realize there’s still a lot I have to learn here at Southern in the short amount of time I have left. Besides, after changing my major so many damn times, I feel like I owe it to myself to stick it out and go out on a good note.

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